Worth of a Wine Bottle.

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I have come across a bottle wine its partners port sandeman has a labels on the neck vintage Porto Selo De Garantia with numbers across it D-782684 the other side has I.V.P its only a small bottle unopened.I get this question all the time. A person finds a bottle of wine stashed in a back attic corner or in the basement. It is from 1950 or some earlier year. They wonder if they have a fortune waiting to be realized.

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  1. Harry

    This is something quite well known over the years that the older the wine gets, the tastier it becomes. Besides, if the wine belongs to a well known and a famous brand, it may get sold out possibly at an unexpectedly higher price. There are some people who are very much fond of drinking older wines as they find it much tastier than the newer ones. On the other hand, there are people who may not be very much interested in drinking wines. Somehow, they have a habit or a hobby for collecting older brands of wines. Many people around the world, despite not being drinkers at all keep the bottles of old brands of wines as a piece of decoration in their houses. Hence, keeping the wines and storing them for a long time may not prove to be a very good idea. Everything has a life and the wine may also has a life though it may not be printed on the label. So it is better to drink it than to wait for another few years.

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