Name of Old black and white Christmas movie.

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I Don't remember the name. I thought it was "It happened on 5th Ave". This is a movie we used to watch every Christmas eve for many years in my family on channel 18 UHF, Milwaukee, WI. It takes place after WW2 I think, and a girl runs away from her boarding school to her home in New York, or Northern State of some kind. Anyway she finds a Hobo and his small dog living in the house which is usually deserted at that time of year. She doesn't give her real name and The Hobo decides to let her stay and more seem to come with her, some ex-service men. Then her father shows up and she gets him to pretend to be someone else. He doesn't like it but he doest. Then the mother shows up and something about some kind of and how he only likes her mother remember right the mother was named Mary) But all these unusual people end up contributing to a Christmas together. It was a fantastic story and if you can find me the title or the movie itself I would greatly. Can you confirm the name of the movie.

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  1. Guest27899468

    an old Christmas movie was set in an Gas station. A a young woman and her husband drive up in an broken down car her name was Mary and she was pregnant

  2. Tom Reeds

    The story of the movie “It happened on 5th Avenue was the movie by Liberty films . It was released in the year 1945. It was first to be directed by Frank Capra but later it was directed by Roy Ruth. The cast of this movie included the following actor such as Don Deforce, Ann Harding, Charles Ruggles, Victor Moore and Gale Storm. This movie was also nominated for Academy Award. Warner Home Video released the movie in the year November 11, 2008 released the film on DVD and now can easily be purchased from distributors.

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