oil painting signature identification

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Dear Daniel, I have inherited a few oil paintings , and am trying to identify the signatures, and see what they might be worth. I wonder if you could help me identify the signatures, and any information about the artist or value.Since I can only send one image, I am only sending the signature. Any help is greatly appreciated. I can send you a picture of the painting , if that will help after you have the time to respond. Thank you, John Schrewe

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  1. Guest28437605

     I have an oil painting and the only signature is last name just John

  2. Guest24286322

    I have a still life original oil painting of flowers in a vase.  it is signed Aldo

    That is the only name on it.  The line from the A flows under the other three letters.  Any idea on the artist?

  3. ~LiBrI@N~

    Only way to determine the value of an oil painting is to look at it. if looking at it is not possible, the next best thing is getting a picture of the front and the back. Picture must be as clear as possible. without that finding the value of oil painting is nothing more than a guess.

  4. Guest20525672
    i have an oil painting but i just cant read the signiture of the painter its like something like costeamm
  5. Guest20253697
    I have a seaport oil painting of old fishing vessels in port - the fore ground is thre vessels with partial sails up alot of rigging (yellow and teal sails) to the right of the third boat is a pier with a building on top and with a women doing some kind of work. I the background to theleft is a light house. There are numerous seagull through out. there is a signature- Louini in script lower right corner. The frame is from Hancho en mexico. I reaaly like this painting and wanted to find out the location and the artist?
  6. Guest19125787
    my painting is a large oil with relief for a 3d effect of a autumn scene in fall colors. signed on the bottom left as you face it by and artist "Jason" do you have any idea who this may be? i purchased in rochelle, illinois.
  7. Guest18882934
    please tell if anyone has heard a olovieira

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