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I have been trying to locate an old film that I thought was titled Across the Piazza with Tuesday Weld, but cannot find any info, Plot- American family with pretty but mentally challenged daughter go to Europe in an attempt to marry her off to wealthy European nobility, also has The Spiral Road with Burl Ives and Rock Hudson ever been released on VHS?

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  1. John

    I think the film you are referring to was actually called Light in the Piazza (1962). It starred Olivia de Havilland as the Mother, and Yvette Mimieux as the daughter (not Tuesday Weld). Here is a brief outline of the story.

    The young American woman traveling in Italy with her mother is slender, blonde, and beautiful and there is something charmingly naive about her. Fabrizio Naccarelli seems to always know where the mother and daughter will be sightseeing next and takes every opportunity to meet with the young girl. Signor Naccarelli, Fabrizios Father, is just as concerned about where this will lead as Mrs. Johnson is. Then she starts thinking that perhaps her mentally challenged daughter can be a wife of a wealthy young man in a society where all she has to do is look beautiful. What happens if Signor Naccarelli finds out who his prospective daughter-in-law really is?

    With regard to The Spiral Road, I can find no information regarding a VHS release of this film and it is certainly not available at the present time.

    Glad to be of help.


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