nwfp medical faculty peshawar ka result kab aaye ga?

by Guest20012600  |  5 years ago

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nwfp medical faculty peshawar.

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  1. Guest22528979

    faculty waley paper fail kartey hain Q????

  2. Guest22378512

    peshawar medical faculty walo ko sorf paiso ki zaroarat hoti hay aur ajj kal har ek nay apnay ghar may paramedical college khol dia hay aur peshawar faculty se registered bhi kia hay aur awam k liay wabali jan ban gia hay

  3. Guest20291824
    student bohat zayada hay is liyah result hay
  4. Guest20289817
    medical facuty wale atnay lazy ku hay
  5. Guest20238432
    jab sectury aur medical faculty ka poora staff apni apni beviyon ke choot(kuss) paison se bhar lain tab jha ke result aye ga. sub apni apni beviyon ke dalal hain.(1)khayal muhammad.(2)insaf.(3)rehmat ullah etc.
  6. Guest20050435
    tumay kia jaldi hai
  7. Guest20034486
    kashmeer ki azadi k bad paramedics ka result ayega, i

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