nuvi 255W reset button

by AnneCT  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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My Garmin Nuvi 255W seems to have no reset button and when I power it up, it freezes at the "Agree" screen and the touch screen feature does not work. I've tried holding the on/offf button for a minute. I've peeled back the Serial # label and found no reset button... What to do?

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  1. Guest28053251

     At the bottom of your apparatus there should be a little point marked "RESET" -
    it's the second-last button on that menu. Push it through with a ballpoint pen or some such pointed object, and it should reset the original factory settings... though it seems to leave FAVOURITES in place!   Dubliner

  2. Guest21612537

    Not all 255W have a reset button.  I had to use the power on press right corner process to reset mine.

  3. Mazlan
    To reset your Garmin nuvi 255w simply slide the on button to on and hold it dont let go for 8 seconds or more and it will reset it. you also can google for the manual look for 205 series. Gud luck.
  4. Dave Unger
    There is no such thing on my nuvi 255W. Sticker yes, but thats it!
  5. Guest19136180
    On the bottom back side of the Garmin 255W is a long sticker, with an Icon that says Reset...Peel back the sticker...under it you will find a break away tab, under it is the reset button.
  • nuvi 255W reset button
    My Garmin Nuvi 255W seems to have no reset button and when I power it up, it freezes at the "Agree" scree...
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