nouns plural in form but singular in meaning. countries,organizations or

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countries,organizations or companies
fields of study or knowledge




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     civics and physics


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    50 words


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    ex. *Mathematics Use in a sentence: Mathematics is a very hard subject. Mathematics is just one but its ends with S
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    it's so very to find the answers...i swear!!!
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    tahnk you for your info.
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    mathematics news measles shiggles thats all i know.. im sorry.. im stupid in English eh...
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    i hate english!!!it's very very easy!
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    tanong mo sa lelang mo!!
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    news and measles...
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    putang ina nyo
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    Scissors Pants Eyeglasses Briefs Tights Leggings News woods snow skis leotards tights moose deer swine aircraft blues
  14. Arslan Masaud
    There is a group of nouns which are plural in form but are singular in meaning – and are used only in the singular, e.g. crossroads (he soon came to a crossroads), gallows, news (this is the 7 o’clock news), shambles (his room is often in a shambles). thanks

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