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I just want to say thanks for answering all my questions for me, while I was asking questions and making the best use of this knowledge for my research program I have learned a lot. From her early stardom, to her sadness I have come to know a lot of things about her. After asking you questions in bulk I am pleased to say that you have satisfied all of my queries, I am a diehard fan of Marilyn Monroe and now I can proudly say that I have some useful information which I can easily share with anyone. She was not only a Hollywood movie star, but indeed a fashion icon and a success story.


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  1. John


    I am happy to be of your help and there is no problem in sharing knowledge with guys like you, absolutely no problem
    I feel proud to hear that you appreciate Marilyn more and like the way I treated you here. You know she is one of my favorite movie stars and I have never seen much misunderstood lady in the society. And as a matter of fact, people around her just created more troubles for here rather than relieving her.

    But still I must say, she was the iron lady who suffered but faced the challenges of her tough life. A lady ahead of her times in many ways, as I put it. Believe me, I feel too much happy, as I delivered some useful information to you.

    Take care,

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