Why email bounces back when it is sent to an address?

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I have a friend and I have been sending him the emails continuously, why my email is not reaching that particular person, Can you tell about this?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are different processes which are involved during the transfer of email. We have to make sure that the email has been sent to the proper address, it is better that we should be in touch with the person like on the phone or we should be aware of the status of that person. Like is he using his email address continuously otherwise the email might get blocked. On the other hand there is a specific limit of the number of the email and files that can be present in the email account of a person. If this limit is reached then there will not be any space for any other emails in the account.
    If we are not in touch with any other medium to that person then it becomes very difficult for us or any other person to identify the cause of failure of sending the email. Sometimes after sometime people change their email addresses and no longer use their old email address. So we should be sure that email is sent to the proper location and at the active address. Sometimes due to excess traffic over the internet it is also difficult to keep the other traffic running and thus jamming the network. It is better that if possible you should check the status of email from the person to whom you are sending the email.

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