Any good way of preparting night shoots?

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Hi Arlene, at the end of this month Ill be doing 6 night shoots (1pm-6am) on a Will Smith movie. I am 57 and would like your advice on the best way to prepare for these night shoots which are helpful in understanding the functionality of night shoots ex: sleep, etc......... Thank you...

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  1. John
    Hi Vinny, Congratulations on the movie role! Wow - 1pm to 6am? That's a very long 17 hour day! And far more than just a night shoot. Are you sure you don't mean 1am-6am? That's more what I would think of as a night shoot. Wish I could help more, but my expertise is in theater, not in films. I have no experience with film, expect through the experiences of my family, friends and colleagues who are in associated with film, so the only answer I can give you would be the logical, which makes common sense. Basically, from my own experience and from what I'm told, a night shoot is not much different from any other shoot. The only difficulty is acclimating your body to several days of being on a nighttime schedule, which can be difficult for some people, especially as you get older (like me!). Assuming you are referring to a real late night shoot, get plenty of sleep in the days before the shoot. I'm normally a night person, so that kind of shoot would be no problem for me, but if you are a morning person, then you need to adjust your body clock so that you'll have the energy to work that late. If you can, for the few days before try to go to bed later and get up later than you usually do, so that you gradually shift your internal schedule to be more comfortable late nights. If you have to get up earlier, then try to take naps during the day, and rest when you can. Keeping your energy up that late is the hardest part. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I'm sure, with a little preparation the week before, you should have no problem with the shoot.

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