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Hey there, I have made some paintings and showed to my friends, they all liked it a lot and asked me to take painting as a career. I am not sure about it and it was a random work done by me. I have never taken any art classes and do not know much about it. i am looking for some expert advice over starting art as a career. Someone please give me some suggestions and information about art as a career. Where should i get start with?

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  1. ZZ

    To start any work you need to study as much as you can about the related field or art in which you are going to start your career. Career selection is not an easy task. You need to be very perfect when you enter the working field that what are the things which will be there in front of you.
    You are planning to start your career as a painter, here you need to identify that which form of painting you are more skilled in because that would be your natural talent. Painting is of many types. And the painter is naturally gifted with this art. But still proper guidance is always required for the blossom of your art in to painting.
    Painting requires a very patience personality as one painting at times can take months to complete. So before selecting the career try to make it sure that you are going in the right direction.
    best of luck.

  2. Guest23259838

    As new artist you should consult with any person who is already in this field and you can access him easily. Try to read mors and more about the field from internet and related books. If you want to choose any specific category of art then join some diploma or certificate course in that field. Try to make more and more art pieces and put them in the local exhibition for free. Try to market them through your social network using social network websites. Define your interests and try to folllow one path. Try to find some coaching from a person expert in this field. I hope these tips will hel you.

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