national open university of nigeria admission list for 2010/2011

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national open university of nigeria admission list for 2010/2011

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  5. Guest23346795

    pls my name is ODEY STANLEY from benin.Pls i will like to know about the 2011 admission for direct Entry,the available courses and requirement.The course i am going in for is COMPUTER SCIENCE or INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.Pls this is my Email:

  6. Guest23221556

    Dear sir,

               I applied for admissionlast September,2010 & recieved a response that my application was being processsed.Everytime I  access my form its still the same response.

             When is the next new session to commence this 2011?

  7. Guest23214103

    Pease when will the PhD admission come out? Bala Gero, 08023828222

  8. Guest23141226

    please whats the current state of things in your institution,till now i havent received any kind of admission notification in my email address.My name is Ovie Emmanuel and Email is

  9. Guest23126824

    The admission for the 2010/2011 session was slated for early March in the academic calendar if i remembered correctly but untill now i haven't seen or heard of any notification from the Authorities of the National Open university. Please acquaint me with the present state of things. Thank you.

  10. Guest23125117

    hi my is henry ogidi,i apply for national open university in 2010/2011 session ,but since them i have't hear  any adnission for the school authiorty ,pls tell when the admitted people be  welcome into the instution  cos each time i check ,your admission status is in progress pls try and inform me ,this my form number............100053087, also you can reach me through my email

  11. Guest22945519

    Pls I want to know when 2010/2011 admission list will be out.  My e-mail is and phone no. 08038102770

  12. Guest22945169

    plz i wanted to knw when d application web will b close my number is 08031822312 my emain.

  13. Guest22941754

    When is the next admission for udergraduates in Open  University?

  14. Guest22869503

    pls i would liketo know when the admission list for 2010/2011 would be out.....

    my number  08053474358 or


  15. Guest22819874

    pls i want to know ur requirement to study law in email add is



  16. Guest22808453

    pls i apply for addmission  and iwant to know if i ve been addmiteded

    my number is 08083962970 gods power ofoh

  17. Guest22797865

    i am making used of my gce result,but on my form i mistkingly wrote the school i went,instead of the center of  gce nov/dec.,.

  18. Guest22735591

    when will the admission list for 2011 be out please i will like to know


  19. Guest22704842

    i applied study  a post graduate course in HIV/AIDS mangement,i bought my form for the 2010/2011 sessesion and till date i havent heard anything from the university,each time i check my application satus it keeps showing mi the appliccation is in process but the deadline for application is 25 of feb.pls i will like to know,did i get the admission or form no is 100048260 and  my fhone no is 08076463549.thankyou

  20. Guest22701996

    pls i want know may be o-level  neco result  student can apply for degree courses on information technology. i want to know the total course and fees, pls send details to me know to or pls text to my number now with www.kullsmscom free to 08083850919. Thanks for the help pls it is!

  21. Guest22699487

     pls,i want to know when admission for 2011/2012 will start,07032458188

  22. Guest22696469

    goodday pls sir/ ma i want to register for the 2011 noun form pls i want to know when and how to do that am at abia state for any information this is my number 23480161294139

  23. Guest22676462

    please i want to no when the part-time form is out  and the price,also where can i purchase it.

  24. Guest22662318

    i am  a graduate of sociology from university ilorin and i also intend studying law in your great citadel of learning this year how do i go about it?

  25. Guest22660544

    i want to know if the noun admission  for undergraduate is out for 2010\2011?

  26. Guest22657147

    Please sir,i dont know what is wrong with the reciept i purchased,when i"m applying,it keeps displaying  invalid name is adebnor christian from delta,phone:07035460446

  27. Guest22639124

    Pls i'm new in this forum, may i know more about this institution, i would like to be admitted into this school, pls when will the form be on sale,and how do i purchase it, pls one with useful info should help me. tnx       i'm in PH

  28. Guest22627945

    i am making use of my gce neco result but on my form i mistakingly wrote the center of the exam instead of the school i attended will it affect me or not my email is

  29. Guest22627072

    pls, i will like 2 known when the next admission form for 2011 will be out & the closing date for it, and pls kindly update me about the school fees and other neccessery information about the admission. I will like to study public reletions or communication technology.


    saidu zainab adenike


    Phone: 07031867638


  30. Guest22620822

    I completed the form for 2011 MBA in Human Resources Management and each time I login, I am told that the admission process is still ongoing.

    I am worried because I observed that my friends that applied at about the same time I did already have their offer of admission.

  31. Guest22591175

     please i want to know weather noun admission for first degree is out for 2011 

  32. Guest22588534

    Please, I applied for admission into NOUN to study Law. After filling all the necessary requirements, I discovered that my form was 2009 which is supposed to be 2010/2011. I tried to change and submit but all to know avail. I want you to help rectify the error. My Application Form Number is 100052399. You can contact me through my email or 07035067006

  33. Guest22588534

    Please, I applied for admission into NOUN to read Law. After filling all the requirement necessary for admission. I discoverd my form is for 2009 instead of 2010/2011. I tried to submit but all to no avail. Please help me rectify the error. My Application Form Number is 100052399.

  34. Guest22588027

    pls can u avail me with ur school fees and the process of payment? detials; how much am i suppose to pay per semister?i wish to start this moment.

  35. Guest22569179

    pls i want to know when the admission form will come out for the national open university for direct entry for 2011

  36. Guest22564117

    please can I still apply now for MBA programme?

    My email is: or send a text to me: 08069403103




  37. Guest22549032

    please I was offered admission to NOUN 2006 with Admission Number ADM/060023890, OMR #156302 to study B.Sc. Cooperative Management in Calabar Study Centre.  I was unable to process it due to circumstances beyond my control, will i admitted again if I re-apply? Pls let me know, thank you.  My email is and my mobile number is 0803-820-5924

  38. Guest22530209

    the admission list is supposed to be possed 2day

  39. Guest22526198

    Pls check the time table for noun admission issues:


  40. Guest22518007

    <p>Hello Sir, I would like to know if it's possible to study part time Law in your reputable institution, and also the requirement and fee involve. Any information kindly inform me. Email </p>

  41. Guest22512771

    pls i want to know  more about your admission procedures.because i wrote the recent  utme,but have not been offered any admission, i want to know if i can still get it in your institution. my email address is


  42. Guest22496356

    When is the admission list for 2010/2011 will be released?

  43. Guest22496006

    please i need an admissinon in your school but how do i get started please contact me on or 08095514005 thaks alot

  44. Guest22495612

    I applied on the 21st Dec., 2010 in Information Technology Masters Degree Programme, please, when will the admission list be released?

    My email address is


    Eromonsele A. Michael

  45. Guest22495337

     hello is admission list 2010 2011 out for banking and finance

  46. Guest22478942

    Please,when is 2010/2011 admission list out,i apply for PGDprograme but since i finished filling the admission form, no other infomation whether to summit my TRANSCRIPT or not and who and where to summit to,pls i like this school but i'm lost,please put me on.This is my number (08064246188)  e-mail    louispeter0409@yahoo.

  47. Guest22477618

    pls i want to know when the list for 2010/2011 M.Sc information Technology will be out.this is my no 08097771461 and my email address is


    Adodo Henry

  48. Guest22475347


    pls i want to know when the list for2010/2011 will be out.this is my no 08063087810.



  49. Guest22474266
    when would the form come out for national open university undergraduate 2010/2011 academic session come out?
  50. Guest22473678

    I want to view the 2010/2011 admission list of national open university of nigeria.

  51. Guest22451901

    pls i studied Mechanical Engineering in Auchi politechnic Auchi, i want to know if admission for 2010 is not over yet and if i can apply for 200 level in communication technology. my mail address is

  52. Guest22188512

    good morning sir my name is Bassey Ekpiken Richard from warri Delta state i  studied computer science from grace polytechnic in lagos with a National Diploma Lower credit grade pls i saw your academic portal on the brochure and i want to find out if  i can apply for admission into 200 level program computer science or  how will i secure the admission into 100 level  in any of the Engineering Program pls sir  i  will need a feed back on my  E-mail inbox  Thanks.


  53. Guest22126236

    I applied for admission in the 2009/2010 session to read English but the full list has not come out, please can you publish the full list so that I can check for my name. Mrs Catherine Malobi Jos

  54. Guest22107738

    I'm from Lagos, a Civil Servant. I had B.Sc in Business Administration (Upper Credit) from University of Lagos and would like to be admitted to study Law Degree Programme (Direct Entry) in the next academic session, that is, 2010 -2010 Session. I want to know the form and tuition fees and the mode of receiving lectures.

    Kindly reply as soon as possible through my email

    Thank you.

  55. Guest22045652

    Am from lagos state and I want to find out about your 2010/2011 admission status,please more detailed in the total amount both the form and tution fees will cost.reply as soon as possible. send the answer to this email address (

  56. Guest21967243

    Hello, i am writing to find out when and how to get your form for 2010-2011 admission. However i am in PH and i need to study law, tell the requirement and fee involve as soon as possible. My phone no: 08033961194 and Email: Thanks

  57. Guest21929720

    i  dont know what is wrong with the reciept that was given to me at the bank each time i try to register it tells me that invalid request terminated please help me out

  58. Guest21891128

    pls i need u all to help me knw when i will get my addmission


  59. Guest21714277

    pls can i know when the form addimsion for 2011 will start and the closing date

  60. Guest21712135


    Please kindly let me know if 2011 Application form is still available (if yes) when it will be closed. and again I would like to know if possible to study part time Law in your reputable institution.

    I will be expecting your immediately response.




    phone: 08055400023




  61. Guest21685356

    please when will the nest set of student going to be admited

  62. Guest21684656

    ive beem admitted but no books to read ,ive not been giving hand out to read so how do i write exams+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------

  63. Guest21674477

     pls is the admission for 2010 out? my name is Ayo Ekundayo Mercy

  64. Guest21673130

    what us required for adimition

  65. Guest21671293

    I like to know if the admission list for 2010/2011 is out and if not when will it be out,thanks.My name is Oloye Adejobi

  66. Guest21511556
    kindly please inform me about the admission list ofNational open university of nigeria 2010/2011. pls my num is 08131140503 my name thus Stephen Okpor Any informatin kindly inform me
  67. Guest21299835
    pls i want to know weather master degree admission is out for 2010 my registration no is 1272972608 peter m ujunwa
  68. Guest20901364
    please will the final list be out?
  69. Guest20839920
    (0)(0)Reportkindly please inform me about the admission list of university of nigeria 2010/2011. pls my num is 080037975 my name thus are james bameyi Any informatin kindly inform me
  70. Guest20808871
    Can one who is leaving another higher institution after three years of studies be given a direct entry? please u reach me via
  71. Guest20784326
    Pls. I want to know if admission list for 2010 undergraduate is out.
  72. Guest20681841
    kindly please inform me about the admission list of university of nigeria 2010/2011. pls my num is 07061974666 my name thus are otti chidinma gloria. Any informatin kindly inform me
  73. Guest20596888
    l want to know if i have secure the name is Remdat Monica. s.
  74. Guest20560276
    plz i want to know n weather the national open university admission for master degree is out for 2010?

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