What is the name of this movie?

by Guest8737  |  13 years ago

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I had seen this movie a year back. It was a black n white old thriller. I had borrowed the VCD from Tulsa library.

I want to know the name of this movie all I remember is the plot. A young couple is show. The lady is blind. Her husband always encourages her to behave like a normal person and also trains her to be that way. He goes out of town for some work. Then some thieves enter the house of this blind lady pretending to be her husbands old friend.

They try to fetch some diamond or something precious which is stuffed in an old teddy bear. The entire thrill is to watch how this blind lady confronts the thugs, with some help of a little girl[ show with big spectacles]. It was an awesome movie.

Please can you tell me the name?

Thank you.

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  1. John


    I am having a little trouble with this one, in as much as the story you have outlined is identical to the 1967 Audrey Hepburn film Wait until Dark. However, you stipulate that the film you saw was in black and white, and this one was definitely in colour.

    Storyline: Susies husband, Sam, is asked to hold a doll for a woman as they get off an airplane. She then disappears. Mike and Carlino are small time crooks who find the womans body in Susies apartment, placed there by her partner, Harry Rote. Susies blindness is the key to them searching the apartment for the doll that contains smuggled drugs. Mike pretends to be an old friend of Susies husband while her husband is away on business and together the crooks invent a story of a police investigation of her husband that only the discovery of the now missing doll can save him from. Rote is a killer, and his stalking of Susie becomes more and more obvious as the story unfolds. Susie eventually catches on and, with the help of her young neighbor, Gloria, shows everyone that she is indeed a very capable lady.

    I really cannot recall another film with this storyline that was shot in black and white. Perhaps, somehow you saw a black & white video of this film.

    Glad to be of help.

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