Name of movie 40s film noir.

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Sorry I cannot give you more to go on. A Detective breaks into an office to steal papers (possibly office at a nightclub) He is caught in the act and is beaten by the sadistic henchman of another man in cahoots with nightclub owner. Of course, this particular scene could probably apply to a lot of films, I was thinking d**k Powell was the detective but I am not sure. (I am probably wrong.) I saw the film on AMC several years ago, and wanted to add it to my collection.) Do you know the name of this movie? Can someone tell me that?

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    Hi, I am about 75% sure the film you are looking for is called "Murder My Sweet" It was one of Powell's best films... if this is not it, you might try "Cry Danger" But I am leaning toward "Murder My Sweet" on this one.

    Murder, My Sweet is an American film noir directed by Edward Dmytryk, and starring d**k Powell, Claire Trevor, and Anne Shirley released in 1944. The film was also released in the United Kingdom under the title Farewell, My Lovely, which is the name of the 1940 Raymond Chandler novel it is based on, and also the film's original American title.
    The plot of this movie goes like: Moose Malloy (Mike Mazurki) hires a detective Philip Marlowe (d**k Powell) to locate his old girlfriend that he could not track of while serving time in prison. With each lead he chases, Marlowe meets lies, larceny, perjury, theft and a beautiful femme fatale (Claire Trevor).

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