my son's p***s get erected while washing and during washing by pulling his skin back...

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my son's p***s get erected while washing and during washing by pulling his skin back...

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  1. Guest28427912

     What the f**k is wrong with you people? Especially the mother. You put the c*m on the bread and they eat it? Sign yourself up for mental rehabilitation you sick, f*****g, piece of retarded s**t. Kill yourself and your children. 

  2. Guest28413528

     After I had my first period, brother I were more carefull in the shower.  He would always pull out before ejaculating.

  3. Guest28150103
    My 23 year old fell head first or hands first trying to break his fall. His hands were operated on and he cant do much. He can pee by himself but he can't bathe. I don't risk him slipping in the tub. So I hand wash him in bed. He cant control it and does get erections as I wash him. I see it get hard before I touch it. Maybe he gets exited about me looking at him naked. AS I do wash his genitals he closes his eyes and breathe hard. Its embarrassing. I'm 45 year old mom so its surprising to me to see his reaction..
  4. Guest28150094
    I still remember my mom washing me as a child up to around 10. I always got hard as soon as touchéd. She loved that. Maybe because I used to giggle over it, she played with and kissed it. I love it amd even had an orgasmic thrill without s***n. I'm 44 now and mom 64 and I still love her for the sensuous times she gave me. She is still pretty an looks more like 55.
  5. Guest24814684

    Hi, i am a mother with an 12 year old boy and a 10 year dauther. They take bath together and I wash my son in front of her and wash her in front of him. They also take turns washing each other. Yes when you washing the p***s it get hard and my daughter enjoyed the pleasure of see it grow bigger and seeing the f******n slide back as it get hard. I totally agree with the last post about us females get a pleasure from this and we do. She right that 90% of moms do oral on their sons and boys who have sisters do the same. When he get erection you can do it in the tub or have hime lay on the coffee table or kitchen table. Than you or other women and girls can help him in relaxing him by sucking on his p***s.

    My daughter friend who is the same age spend night with us. All three of them take a shower and wash each other. She get very excited when she see what his p***s does. After there shower that just be naked in the house. He lay on the coffice table. They bend down on both side of him and share doing oral on him. When his sperm c*m out. I wape it with a knife and spread it on bread and they eat it. Both girls have seen me sucking my son p***s. We greatly enjoyed the boys gentiles. We women need stop hidding our self aand just come out in the open we enyoyed the gentiles of the boy body. It gives us so many pleasure. When I was growing up I saw my mom doing things with my brother and she introuct me to it. As long he like it you ok.

  6. Guest24814684

    An boy or anyone who rub on the p***s. This mean washing it will get larger. Do not weary because it normal. Enjoyed the pleasure of it getting erection and see how it hangs. ZYou will also notices when boys get erection their testicles hang low. Be sure to open the end of his p***s and was it. Be should to wash between his legs good. Be sure to wash his hip and bed sure to spread his hips and was down to the a**s and beyond. Be sure to insert into his a**s open and wash it.

    If you do not have a daughter and if you have a daughter let her be involved in washing him. So if he has no sister get a girl his age or a girl young than him like a p*****n in helping you to wash his body.

    Do not be afraid because 90% o fmom get a strong sexually from this. There are videos of mom washing their son on the internet. Go to Video and type in mom wash son p***s. You see a mom washing him and he as an erection.

    So you son is open with his body with you  and he has a good feeling of it. This means he more likely be open with other women and girls. So pool  let moms bring in their sons and many place have a cut off age of 8 but many wooem and girls would reatly injoyed this. 

    Good ideal is to have a group of women who have dauthers of p*****n and teenager age and all of you can go to a pool and go swimming. When you come back into the lockerroom he naked with the girls and let them wash him.

    Get him to be naked in the home and when you also have guest of other women and girls.

    So he very open with you washing his body. This mean you can evening relax him more by doing oral on his p***s. This means you suck his p***s. Do not weary that 90% of moms suck their son p***s and other moms son p***s.




  7. Guest21622009

     Next time use your mouth to clean it, that should help.

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