my polaroid pmp 280-4 touchscreen isnt working, the touch wont work and the scroll buttons dont work

by Guest21660961  |  9 years, 7 month(s) ago

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my polaroid pmp 280-4 touchscreen isnt working, the touch wont work and the scroll buttons dont work

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  2. Guest22545568

    Alright everybody i had the same problem and it really ticked me off fortunately it can be fixed i'll admit it's a lil tricky though. You remember how u messed it up? I messed mine up by messing around w the display and going all the way to zero on the brightness. go to this web site, go thru the manual and look at where the settings button is, then look at where the display button is, guess where the slide bar was (mid screen if not a lil lower) and scroll to the right, hopefully that should do it it worked for me

  3. Guest22423923

    i bought a mp3 player the polariod pmp280-4 and i chaged a setting and my screen resolution is blank it turns on and then goes blank can u help me ? I tried too reset it and that did not work either .

  4. Guest22423753

    The lock could be set.  Make sure the silver button the top is set to the right and not the left.  Also, if this doesn't work, try connecting the device to the computer.  Finally, it that doesn't work, hit the reset button on the right side using a paperclip.  Hope that helps :)

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