my netbook won't turn on

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My Acer Aspire One netbook won't turn on. The power light comes on, the lights flash once and I can hear the fan. But the screen remains black and nothing else lights up after that.

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  1. Guest23118176

    <p>Remove battery</p> <p>2. Push Power Button for 20-30 seconds</p> <p>3. Plug in charger and<br /> a. if it runs ok then turn off and replace battery<br /> b. If it does not run get the charger checked. Hope that helps!

  2. Guest23118176

    Remove battery

    2. Push Power Button for 20-30 seconds

    3. Plug in charger and
    a. if it runs ok then turn off and replace battery
    b. If it do not run have charger checked or MOBO charging section.

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