my husband wets the bed

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my husband wets the bed

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  1. Guest28431847

    After 25 years married my husband started wetting the bed. He went to the doctor but they couldn't find anything wrong with him. I told him that I would just have to do what I did to the boys when they wet the bed when they were children. I informed him that he would be wearing diapers and rubberpants that I had bought online store and he would be wearing them until he stopped wetting himself like a baby. He protested but I told him I would tell everyone he was a bedwetter. The wetting continues and he has adjusted to being put into diapers and I really think he enjoys the rubberpants as I find him feeling them all the time. I have even told him I think he likes his rubber panties and he just laughs.

  2. Guest28431706

     I think most woud be surprised at how many husband's or men wet the bed.  Diapers and plastic pants will at least keep wives from having to wash pissy clothing and sheets. If they don't want to wear them they should learn to get up and go to the bathroom 

  3. Guest28431524

     I never knew so many men or husband's wet the bed 

  4. Guest28431465

     I thought I was the only woman married to a bedwetter. My husband played rough with me until I told him he either wore diapers and plastic pants or his friends  would find out he was a bedwetter. He then became my night time diapered baby. 

  5. Guest28431453

     My husband didn't like it but after a while i realized he was enjoying me diapering him and got really excited when put his rubberpants on over his diaperand it became part of our foreplay good s*x and a dry bed

  6. Guest28431451

     Diapers and rubberpants r used for a purpose they keep the bed dry and if a husband can't stay dry he needs to wear protection. 

  7. Guest28430611

     If he wets like a small child you treat him like a small child. Putting him back into diapers for punishment will embarrass him especially when you put rubberpants over them. It will also save you a lot of laundry 



  8. Guest28345067

     I agree cloth diapers and plastic pants will keep him dry as well as save you a lot time washing soiled bedding. Also it probably  not be the first time he was put in diapers  for bedwetting 

  9. Guest28328248

     You should put him dispersed with plastic pants so you can get a good night's sleep and less laundry

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