my hermit crab will never come out if her shell. When she does, the littlest movement sends her back

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my hermit crab will never come out if her shell. When she does, the littlest movement sends her back

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  1. selina
    hi. i got an avatar and I am seriously the person who posted the crab question. sorry to tell ya, she's dead. :(

  2. Guest15838855
    well u just have to give it some time but dont worry its ok
  3. selina
  4. selina
    i dunno
  5. Guest14695705
    u could leave her alone.
  6. Guest14687699
    i dont know the answer, but i have some names for her.(usually new crabs are shy) milly tammy sally olivia shevaun crabbers melvin
  7. Guest14687572
    you could spend more time with her and let her get to know you. hermit crabs are just like other pets so you need to treat them well.
  8. Guest14686176
    u r still free 2 send more comments
  9. Guest14686148
    thanks for all your responses.
  10. Guest14686099
    wow. i guess she is right. oh! my answer is the same as her's
  11. Guest14685774
    Hermit crabs have undergone so much prior to us buying them at the pet store. They are very skittish as well because of it. Crab Street Journal has care sheets for what a hermit crab needs to live and thrive by while in captivity. There is also an article called Post Purchase Stress that will help you give your hermit crab a better opportunity to make it through this hard adjustment period. Hermit crabs cannot hear, (they do not have ears) but are very sensitive to vibrations. During this adjustment period when you walk into the room or approach the tank as well as when you change out the food and water talk softly to her so she gets use to the vibrations of your voice. Eventually she will learn that your voice isn't something harmful and will begin to trust you. Please just give her a little bit of time due to all she has been through.
  12. Guest14684905
    a bath will work sooner or later. or put her by heat
  13. Guest14684810
    u cannot force a crab out of her shell. but if u r talking about just getting her out (eyes, face, claws) give her a bath. all crabs like baths! hope she likes her/his bath!
  14. Guest14684810
    go 2 the library. look them up.
  15. Guest14684791
    well, you can maybe get another friend 4 her. that might raise her spirits making her happier causing the crab to come out
  16. Guest14684545
    you can ask an expert or put him in obedience school. hope it works!
  17. Guest14684466
    that is tough. iv'e seen all of the answers and i think most will work, but i do have 1 idea: u could put her on a floor and watch her crawl around. let her know u r there. then, if she enjoys walking around, she will know that you r no harm. she will then trust u more and hopefully when u pick her up, she will not know u as a threat and come out!
  18. Guest14684362
    errrrrrrrr i guess you could um spend more time with her. ooooo! or u could bathe her so she would trust u more and come out. That has to work. I really hope it works. bye! goodluck, too!
  19. Guest14683668
    this never happened 2 me, but im guessing u could put her close to a vent because crabs get more active when they r warm. I really hope my idea helps u get her out of her shell more. goodbye!
  20. Guest14683500
    ummm this is hard. u can put her on the floor upside down. crabs dont like that so she will flip over and stare exploring. goodluck!!!!!!
  21. Guest14683459
    maybe take her back to the place u got him. or u can breathe hot air onto him and he will come out
  22. Guest14683347
    I dont know. sorry. try reading a book. it might give u some tips. bye.
  23. Guest14683302
    put her in a seperate cage in a dark quiet room for a while. he will come out and walk around thinking it is night. then pick him up and put him with the rest of your crabs.(if u have more than 1) goodluck!!
  24. Guest14683230
    try setting out some crab treats near him. If he is hungry, he will come to them. I hope my idea works!
  25. Guest14682981
    i had the same problem too with my crab rico. i just put her in a different cage and waited a couple of days. then she came out of her shell all the time after that! Don't worry. It will work sooner or later. or, she might just be one of the shy types of hermit crabs.
  26. Guest14682981
    is she sick? She might just be a little scared. Some crabs are like that.
  27. Guest14682839
    well, they are nocturnal. try getting her to come out around 8:00-9:00 I hope it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Guest14682732
    if you just got her, give it some time. She will probally get used to the new surroundings and come out.

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