my computer wants to revert to factory default settings how do i save my files?

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my computer wants to revert to factory default settings how do i save my files?

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    I am an expert in computer hardware and software and i have not experienced anything like that. There might be two problems causing the computer to revert to the factory settings
    1. Your computer has adequate virus programs and they have the control of your computer more then you
    2. You have stopped or scheduled the restore setup and your computer is asking to start this setup.
    Now there are two options for you
    If you start setup to revert the computer to the factory settings then you have to save each and everything on external hard drive because it might affect your local drives including the system drives. The system restore basically undo all the changes happened in a time period. Its better then refresh the windows if the problem is caused my any antiviral programs. Both the options are safe but the restore will undo all the changes.
    The Second option is to stop the notifications of computer to revert the factory setting, if you think your computer is safe with viruses.
    Right click on Computer and go to Properties.
    Click System Protection option.
    Click the Configure button.
    In System Protection for Local Disk check Turn off System Protection and then OK.
    Then click OK

    The system restore sometime happens when windows have installed the wrong updates. But this kind of updates can be handled by restoring the windows updates section of OS


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