my bike is yamaha rx100, i want to modify my bike to a power full dirk bike at les cost?

by Guest801504  |  11 years, 6 month(s) ago

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help me out to get a power full dirk bike................

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  1. Guest24438511

    I suggest you can first change the rear shock absorber system with the one of Unicorn (Monocross type suspension) , then get the front shockers expand by putting the (gutkas), then you can go for the ready made fibre kit of dirt bike, then a cylencer of dirt bik

    total modification cost will be around 10 to 12K.


    Rupinder Singh

  2. Guest20670221
    I want to modify my yamaha RX100. Can anyone tell me where in bangalore they'll modify fully including repainting also
  3. Guest17262107
    hay ia sreekumar .u just need to remove the head of engin and make the mouth of the silencer out let a little bit bigger with help of laith ..hhis may help u to increse the power .( for more detail mail me to or call me 09747010728
  4. Guest16357281
    basically reduce the weight of the bike- like chain cover, back seat rest, steel mudgards and the balancing rod. Replace the steel mudgards with fibre ones that too should gap between the wheel and guard. the metal seat changed with fibre. U can even replace the head light with a flat one. Change the bore size and tune the engine. Plz go to a mechaic(rx specialist).
  5. Guest15296203
  6. Guest13462870
    u can call me on 9728412838 if u wanna modify ur any type of bike;....
  7. Guest12735065
  8. Guest10466112
    i want to change the looks of my rx 100 into a motocross bike with abudget of 6000rs
  9. Guest3689424
    i want to change the looks of my rx 100 into a motocross bike with a budget of 3k
  10. Guest3279026
    i want to change the looks of my rx 100 into a motocross bike with abudget of 6000rs..

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