my air conditioner keeps shutting off after a few minutes

by Guest19333147  |  10 years, 4 month(s) ago

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my air conditioner keeps shutting off after a few minutes

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  1. Mitchel

    I would advice you to make sure that the filter is clean ,then check the evaporator coils(cold) to make sure air can pass through without resistance. After this check the condenser coils(hot) make sure the fins are clean and not bent. check the location of the thermostat, cold air should be blowing on it if it's too near a cooling vent. if so relocate it away from drafts ,if the thermostat cools before you do you will be hot when it turns off.same in winter if the thermostat gets hot because heat blows on it ,it will knock off before the room heats.

  2. Guest19759642
    Is it possible the condenser fan motor is not working? If fan doesn't blow air across the coils the unit may overheat and some kind of protective device will shut it down until the temperature lowers enough for it to come back on.
  3. rihana828
    Get it repaired.

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