What are musical plays?

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I have heard a lot about musical plays but do not know much about them. I want to know about them. Are hey consider as plays are not? How to make a musical play? I am looking for some expert answers on these questions. Someone please share your information here. i would be really thankful.

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    Hey there!

    There is no correct way to classify plays. Some classify all theatrical texts, productions and performances as plays. The Broadway musical, as we think of it now, is a relatively recent invention - beginning in the 1920's with such shows as Showboat. These early musicals were developed from the older Operettas but had a stronger book and more dialogue. With the development of musicals many people separated plays into musicals and non-musicals, or musicals and plays (meaning non-musicals) but plays themselves are further sub classified into comedies, dramas, histories, tragedies, mysteries, farces, and more. And many plays have music. And musicals themselves have evolved in very different directions and are now also sub classified (book musicals, musical comedies, sung-thru musicals and more these days).

    The dictionary defines play (in the sense that we are considering) as:

    1. A dramatic composition or piece; drama.

    2. A dramatic performance, as on the stage.

    According to that definition, a musical is certainly a play (albeit one in which at least some, if not all, the dialogue is in musical form). I hope you have the clear idea now about the plays.

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