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My question is that why Barry has not ever recorded on any of his Christmas albums a song from the 80s that he sang on solid gold called Merry Christmas wherever you are? Besides, why does he wear what looks like a wedding band on his left hand?

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  1. Harry

     Barry did sing this song on A Solid Gold Christmas, back in the 80s. Some people do remember watching the show, and have it on videotape as well. Now as for why Barry did not record Merry Christmas Wherever You Are on his first Christmas CD, Because It is Christmas or the second one A Christmas Gift of Love, no one really knows. As for your second question regarding the wedding band that Barry has been wearing on his left ring finger this is the information that Barry has been wearing that ring which originally belonged to his Grandfather, Joseph Manilow. After Grandpa Joe passed away, it went to his mother, Edna. Then when Edna passed away in September 1994, it went to Barry. He wears this ring in honor of loved ones who have passed away. There has been some speculation that Barry is wearing this ring also as a sign of commitment or impending marriage to a woman, like an engagement ring. Of course, Barry has neither confirmed nor denied this. That being the case, there really is no way of knowing anything for sure regarding this ring except that it did originally belong to his Grandfather and later to his Mother.

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