multan board result of 8th class

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how i see the result of roll no.75-118-411 of 8th class.

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  1. Guest28039350

    kindly send result of roll no 82143225

  2. Guest23155907

    give the result of  this 82-168-348 of 8th class in multan board.

  3. Guest23154201

    download gazzet from here for multan board students

  4. Guest23154030

     send me result of 82-207-228&82-228-258

  5. Guest23153790

    kindly send the result of roll number 82-144-194 of class 8th multan board

  6. Guest23153574

    give me result of 8th class 2o11 rool no 82-212-278

  7. Guest23152116

    give my ressult of my 8th class result please

  8. Guest23151978

     what's procedure to finding the result Of 8th class roll number is 96-124-199

  9. Guest23151005

    Heyy sir/madam,

    Hope u will be fine...kindly can u tell ne the result  of 8th class roll number=96-230-114

  10. Guest23150806

    i went  to see my result of class 8th 82153291


  11. James Augustus

    Multan District Education department has not announced the results of 8th class so far. Whenever results are declared, they will be sent to their respective schools within locality of Multan District.

  12. Guest23150108

     search the 8th class result of multan board 2011

  13. Guest23149808

    multan board result 8th clacc roll no.29.133.131

  14. Guest23148658

    91-102-109 8th class result multan board


  15. Guest23147489

     send me the result of 8th class roll no.79-122-270 at

  16. Guest23147344


    Sir Kindly Tell The Result About

    82-186-136 Of  Multan Board.

  17. Guest23147157


  18. Guest23146404

    sir plz tell me the result of middle class the roll no is 87-111-106

  19. Guest23146308

    plese tell me my result roll number 96-167-191

  20. Guest23121755

     giveme result of class 8th of multan board 82-205-281

























  21. Guest23100271


  22. Guest20481652
    search the 8th class result of multan board 2010
  23. Guest19052365
    sahiwal .code no91132 roll no 106
  24. Guest19025661
  25. Guest17810217
    what is the result of Roll #82201377
  26. Guest17784824
    i want to see result 8th class hira siddiq 75158130
  27. Guest17784824
    i want to see result 8th class hira siddiq 75158130
  28. Guest17721438
  29. Guest17711281
    i want to see my results 8th class roll no. 89281289
  30. Guest17711200
    search the 8th class result of multan board 2010
  31. Guest17711072
    82-158-246 give me its result
  32. Guest17710291
    how i check my 8th class result multan board
  33. Guest17709937
    multan board result of 8th class
  34. Guest17709458

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