Titles of movies in which both Lugosi and Karloff acted.

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am looking for the title of a certain movie with both Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in it. In it Boris Karloff is the heavy and Lugosi is the hero (yeah, I know, sounds like Black Cat don’t it?). It starts out with Lugosi ending up at Karloff castle or mansion and finding that Karloff has turned his wife into a zombie or enchanted her someway. Both Karloff character and Lugosi ex are rather zombie-ish in the movie. I do not remember ever seeing the Black Cat and from the reviews I read of it even though Karloff is the bad guy and Lugosi for a changed is the good guy, I can't tell from any of them if that is the movie I am looking for. In one scene Karloff and Lugosi's zombified wife are stiffy laying back on their bed to sleep and in the background music that is playing is an old contest song I use to sing...something like Rose I At Night...just the music part of it no vocal singing. This periodically drives me mad trying to remember what movie with Karloff and Lugosi that was. It is nearing Halloween time again and I am plagued by this question again. I have only seen it once on a Saturday Night Horror movie program that they use to have on regularly w/ mc called Count Gregore in Oklahoma City, Ok.
I am big fan of Lugosi and Karloff and heard that all those movies are amazing which include both of them. I have tried a lot to search the names of all those movies but found a few. Do you know the names of some movies in which both actors played? Someone kindly list them here. I would really appreciate the help.

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    Hi there,

    you are definitely looking for "The Black Cat" The only times the two worked together in a film was this one, "The Raven," and "The Body Snatcher" and it is definitely not "The Body Snatcher". "The Raven" has a completely different plot than what you are talking about. My guess is "The Black Cat" By the way, if you have never seen "Body Snatcher" then find it ASAP... it is one of the best suspense/horror films EVER made, and it is an almost-unknown classic in America… Hope this would help you.


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