Movies on the disease anorexia nervosa.

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I am doing a report for a psychology class on anorexia nervosa. I was wondering if you knew of any movies that focuses on this topic?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    This is a topic that doesn't seem to have been covered very much by the film industry. I have managed to put together the following list for you, but most of them were made for TV, and a couple are documentaries.

    Catherine (1988) TV film, also known as \"An Anorexic's Tale: The Brief Life of Catherine\"
    The Best Little Girl in the World (1981) (TV)

    For the Love of Nancy (1994) (TV)

    Close to You: Remembering the Carpenters (1997) (TV Documentary)

    The Karen Carpenter Story (1989) (TV)

    301, 302 (1995)

    The Famine Within (1990 Documentary)

    When Friendship Kills (1996) (TV)

    A Girl Is a Girl (1999)

    Dying to Be Perfect: The Ellen Hart Pena Story (1996) (TV)

    Thin (2006)
    Maybe (2003)

    Briciole (2005) (TV)

    There are some movies which were made on the disease of anorexia nervosa. One of such movie is “When Friendship Kills”, it is also released by its second name which is “ A Secret between Friends: A moment of Truth movie” . it is an American television film which was directed by James A Contner and it was released in the year 1996. The movies reveals the truth about the dangerous disease which is spreading rapidly among teens anorexia nervosa.
    The Karen Carpenter Story is TV movie directed by Joseph Sargent. The movie was aired on CBS on January 1, 1989. Richard Carpenter was a producer as well as he also served as the musical director for the film. This movie was very popular in the ratings, and it was also ranked as the highest rated two hour TV movie of the year, and the third largest highest rated program in the year 1980s.

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