Name of movie about Jigsaw released in 1974.

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I have been trying without success to remember the name of a movie. It was released in 1974 or 1975. Its theme song was "Sky High" by the group Jigsaw. This movie was hardly a Classic and most reviewers did not rate it at all. It would be regarded as an Action movie. Sorry, this is all the information I have. Can you help?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The name of he movie is “The Man from Hong Kong”. The second name of the movie is The Dragon Flies , in fact this is the real name of the movie. The alternative name is “ The Man from Hong Kong”. It was released in the year 1975 in the Unites States. It is an Action film which was a result of the co-production being filmed in the countries like Hong Kong and Australia, it is known as Australians-Hong Kong co-production. It is also that the movie “Dragon Flies” is the first Martial Arts film released in Australia. The movie director was Brian Trechard-Smith and the producer of the movie was Raymond Chow. The stars of the movie include Jimmy Wang-Yu and George Lazenby. The film later restored by the Australian National Film and Sound Archive. The film starts at Ayres Rock, where the detectives arrest Hong Kong drug courier Win Chan. The Film switches to the training school at Wong Chuk Hang where a hang glider. It was the first Australian Hong Kong co-production. Some of the parts of the movie were directed by Wang Yu.

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