Tips for a fresh mosaic artist.

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Hello, I am new mosaic artist and learning art these days. My question to you is: How do I know when I am ready to sell my mosaic art? I am legally blind and learned how to make mosaics at the Braille Inst. My instructors say I am ready for market but I feel I need to fine tune my skill. Is it natural to feel timid? Thank you for your time! Look forward to hearing from you, Lynette

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    Hello Lynette,

    A simple answer is that you know you're ready when someone willingly buys your mosaic art. And yes many artists are timid when they first start no one likes the thought of being judged and maybe being rejected.

    I am not sure where you are located but if you are in NYC you could always find an outdoor art exhibit like the ones in Washington Square or other neighborhoods and set up a simple display and see what happens. You could also try gift shops in your area or small galleries and make some connections. Unless you hit the streets you won't find out. No one is going to knock on your door and entice you it comes down to some hard work. If your mosaics aren't marketable you find out soon enough. There are many websites and online galleries who are promoting new and good talent. You can put your work on theses websites and make awareness about your work. I hope these guidelines will help you find a good way to make people aware of your work. Good luck.

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