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I need your help.

Is Pat Newcomb still alive and did she ever go on record regarding her last day with M?

When were Ms 1962 trip to Mexico and who went with her? Also, when were the 1962 Golden Globes?

Can you identify the photographer for either of these sessions?

Might you lose your opinion of her top 3 most and least respectable biographers? For example, I have heard Spoto Yay and Mailer Nay and would like to narrow the field.

Have you seen Wieners Hollywood Farewell book and is it worth the $2000+ asking price? Will reprints of this be made available?


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  1. John

    Your questions will take me a little effort to answer.

    1, As far as a know, Pat newcomb is still alive. She did speak to various authors before but maintained that there is little to tell, especially about Marilyns last day. It was just an ordinary boring day and not much happened. I tend to agree. I do not think she talks about it now. She would not be an easy person to get an interview with.

    2, Marilyns Trip to Mexico was in February of 1962. She had Pat newcomb, housekeeper Eunice Murray and her hairdresser with her. The Golden Globes took place March 5th 1962.

    3, Nice videos!!!!! Thank you. The floppy hat session took place in January 1957. It was actually made for a women magazine for an Easter edition. It was great to see it in this video. Thanks again.

    The photographer escapes me right now. I think his last name is Ross. If you e-mail me at a later date I can probably get more information for you. (

    4, The army blanket photos were taken by Andre de Dienes in the summer of 1946, another fabulous video.

    5, As far as Authors go. Donald Spoto is a decent one but there are several problems. He gets some of his Information wrong and he believes in the ridiculous killer e***a theory. That is not good in my book. Norman Mailer is ok but I would not recommend him as any kind of authority on Marilyns true Life.

    I prefer Barbara Leaming.

    Anthony summers takes a lot of Information from notorious con-man Robert Slatzer and so does Wolf (he is the worst in my opinion).

    I also do not trust anything coming from anybody claiming they have heard audio tapes etc. Complete hear-say.

    6, No book is worth $2000. That is ridiculous.

    Hope I could help

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