Any idea about mickey laughlin and Froggy Laughlin

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My dad lives in Pahrump, NV and known an old guy that claims to be Froggy from Our Gang. But I have read on IMDB that Froggy was killed while passing newspapers when he was 16 years old. So could this guy be Mickey, his younger brother? Did Mickey have a gravelly voice like Froggy?

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  1. John


    You are right about Froggys death as a teenager, so the old guy definitely is not him for sure. I do not know if Mickey is still alive or not, but their last name really was Laughlin, so if your dads friend does not have this last name, then he probably is not Mickey either. The gravelly voice was actually a trick voice, and not the way Froggy spoke in everyday life. Both Froggy and Mickey had normal voices for their ages. I hope you got the answer


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