mga programang nagawa ni gloria arroyo

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mga programang nagawa ni gloria arroyo

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     haha GG



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       ... hanapin neu q .. sasagutin q tanung neu .. haha

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     putang ina ang jeje niyo

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    • d
    • j
    • lam
    • eh
    • hehehehe


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    • Garnered the biggest number of votes in Philippine history (1995 elections) -- an unparalleled 16 million. Another record that was set is the margin of votes between the first and second placer, which is approximately 3.2 million. This record still stands in the senate. 
    • Filed over 400 Senate Bills and Resolutions
    • Authored or co-authored 55 bills signed into law of socio-economic legislation. These laws constituted the core of the economic program of President Fidel Ramos -- laws that have brought our country to the status of Asia's next tiger.
    • Ranked No. 1 in a public opinion survey of performance and awareness among incumbent Senators
    • Cited by Asia Week as one of Asia's most powerful women
    • Selected Woman of the Year by the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines


    • RA 7844, The Export Development Act
    • RA 7718, The Amended Build-Operate-Transfer Law
    • RA 7843, Strengthening the Anti-Dumping Provisions
    • RA 8179, Further liberalizing Foreign Investments 
    • RA 7721, Liberalizing banking in the Philippines
    • RA 7651, Revitalizing and strengthening the Bureau of Customs
    • RA 7916, Creating the Philippine Economic Zone Authority
    • RA 7640, Constituting the Legislative-Executive Development Council 
    • RA 1490, Investment Houses Act (Passed on third reading)
    • RA 7661, Extending the Life of the Asset Privatization Trust
    • RA 7903, Creating the Zamboanga Special Economic Zone
    • SBN 345, Promoting the Development of Interisland Shipping
    • SBN 358, Development of Micro and Cottage Industries 


    • RA 7882, Providing assistance to women engaging in micro and cottage business enterprises
    • Women's desk to provide assistance to battered wives and other victims of domestic violence
    • RA 7877, Declaring sexual harassment unlawful in the employment, education or training environment and for other purposes
    • SBN 356, Increasing penalties for wife-beating
    • SBN 362, Mandatory employment of women
    • Establishment of the Movement Against Sexual Abuse (MASA)


    • OCW desk to provide assistance to OCWs and their families
    • RA 7833, Excluding the 13th Month Pay and Other Benefits from the Computation of Taxable Income
    • RA 7654, Allocating a Portion of the Incremental Revenue Collected for the Emergency Employment Program
    • RA 7637, Creating the Mt. Pinatubo Assistance, Resettlement and Development Commission
    • RA 7657, Appropriating 10 Billion Pesos for the victims of Mt. Pinatubo Eruption
    • RA 7906, Regulation of the Organization and Operations of Thrift Banks 
    • RA 8182, Excluding the Official Development Assistance (ODA) from Foreign Debt Limit in order to facilitate the absorption and optimize the utilization of ODA resources
    • RA 7820, Creating the Partido Development Administration in Bicol region
    • SBN 1176, Establishing Computer Literacy Program in all public schools at the secondary level
    • SBN 1175, Instituting a Public School Teachers Scholarship Program
    • SBN 1728, Ancestral Domain Bill
    • SBN 1044, Institutionalizing a National Strategy for Poverty Alleviation
    • SBN 336, Magna Carta for the Urban Poor


    • RA 7900, Promoting the production, processing, marketing and distribution of high-value crops
    • RA 8175. Amending the Charter of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation in order to make more stable and beneficial to farmers and the national economy
    • RA 7942, Instituting a new system of mineral resources exploration, development, utilization and conservation
    • Co-host, "Dighay Bayan" TV program catering to farmers
    • Pres. Macapagal Awards for best rice farm cooperative 
    • SBN 1282, Food Security Buffer Stock Bill
    • SBN 2046, Amending the Sugar Restitution Law
    • RA 7638, Creating the Department of Energy

     ayan ang mga nagawa ni arroyo.... puro kau mga tanga....


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     ak0 nga ung ngtatanung ehh>.... ak0 p ssgot...


  8. Guest22535302

    mer0n ba xiang ngawa??

  9. Guest22534997

     kala nyo namn kau lng walng sagot





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     anu byan wwwwwwwwwwwwwww




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     anu ab yan....bullcrap yung mga sagot!

  13. Guest19874056
    ang mga nagawa ni pangulong gloria,.marami syang perang na kurakot sa ating bayan at tumaas lahat ng bilihin
  14. Guest19619084
    anu B yan ualang makuhang sagott.........
  15. Guest19525358
    nu byAn ... kElngan ku pnman to sa proj. ku wLang kwEnt kAu!
  16. Guest19433234
    ano bayan mag bigay nga kayo ng totoong answer.. HUH, at ayusin nyo.
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    mga walang kwents nman itoh! ang POTA! >:P
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    ano bayan

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