What are the actual metric measurements for a model?

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Do you think you could provide me with fashion model size/measurement requirements in CMS?

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  1. John

    Hi there
    Professional modeling is not so easy for short people. You must have a good body height, before you jump into this unique profession. The ideal height and a well shaped body are the prerequisites to be a model. If you do not meet the desired criteria then it is nearly impossible to be a model. Let me clear your mind and thoughts about the perfect height to become a mode.
    Here the general requirements for fashion models (for females) a minimum height of 5 feet 8 inches which I believe translates to 68 inches = 172.72 centimeters. The recommended body measurements are a 34-24-34 in inches, which would be something like 86.36-60.96-86.36 although you might want to round it out.

    The standard sample size is a US size 6, or small. The equivalents in the UK would be an 8, France a 36, Germany a 34, Italy a 40, Australia a 10, and Japan a 9.
    Now you know what actually you may need here to be a fashion model. I hope that helps you a lot before making a decision, and if you are height meets the criteria then it’s a plus point for your, because the place is typically associated with tall girls and guys, who can carry an outfit without any hindrance. Industry requirement for tall models is quite obvious, as they can perform on the ramp very well.

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