meilink safe i have the combination how do i open the Meillink safe

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meilink safe i have the combination how do i open the Meillink safe

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  1. Guest28127438

     Thank you Leonardo it finally worded after 20 previous attepts before. I saw your posting

  2. Guest22728942

    Ty Leonardo!!!!! YOU was right on the money!!!!!!

  3. Guest22667023

    easy there all the same combonation its 15 33 42


  4. Guest22485211

    hey i have a similar problem with a meilink floor safe model # ML0C-4 but no combination. jsut bought the house and the previous owner didnt even get to use the safe. i was wondering what were my options as far as figuring this out without having to destroy the safe lol. thank you in advance for any help.

  5. Guest21684657

     what if you have more than 3 numbers in your combo 


  6. Guest20778140
    I have a Meilink safe serial # 82-57785. My late husband brought it home during a store remodel. He bolted it through the bottom to the floor in our office. Problem is I am selling the home and can not find the combination to the safe any where. Do you know someone I could call with the serial number to get the combination?
  7. Guest19709480
    Opening a Typical Dial Combination Safe 1. Turn the dial left past the first number 3 times and stop on the forth time. 2. Turn the dial right past the second number twice and stop on the third time. 3. Turn the dial left past the third number once and stop on the seond time. 4. Turn the dial right until the dial stops at the last number. 5. Turn the handle and open the door. This worked with mine just be very slow and direct and make sure you follow it perfectly
  8. Guest18309978
  9. Guest14109931
    Yea! Thanks for this. I have old Gary Safe and the combination but could not make it work even after about 25 tries. I had opened it in the past but think I just got lucky and never could figure out what I did right. Your clear instructions on using the number and going directly to it worked the first time - safe is open now to post it for sale on Craigslist.
  10. Guest12991361
    Some Meilink safes start with turning right first 4, then 3 to left, 2 to right then to 0 where you will hear a click then back to last number then it will open.
  11. Leonardo
    The correct dialing sequence is as follows: 4 times left TO the first number, 3 times right TO the second number, 2 times left TO the third number, 1 time right, slowly until the dial stops. Left is counter clockwise, right is clockwise. Do not count the revolutions of the dial, count the individual number as it ARRIVES at the index mark at 12 o'clock. Unless 0 is part of your combination - forget it! There are only three reasons that a safe lock will not open: 1. incorrect combination, 2. incorrect dialing sequence, 3. mechanical problems, If you don't have any mechanical problems, and you are positive you have the correct numbers, then dialing sequence is your problem. If you are dialing it correctly and it doesn't open, then you may have the wrong combo. Try adding/subtracting (+/-) one from each number and redialing, also. hope this helps,

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