mary immaculate school deaf past pupils in stillorgan

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mary immaculate school deaf past pupils in stillorgan

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    Beechpark School closed to Deaf children in 1998, after 42 years of service to deaf children, due to dwindling numbers attending Beechpark School. Myself, I was a pupil there from 1980 to 1990. althrough it was first set up for deaf boys, in 1980, saw the first deaf girl to attend there, but only 7 girls in total attended the school up until 1997. it averaged about 80 boys each year and admitted about 10 deaf children every year until around 1992, it dwindled to only about 30 children at school in 1994, then that year, Beechpark begin to admit austistic children and by 1997, only six boys were left, and all left in June 1998, where Beechpark held a Farewell day to all past pupils of Beechpark, which I attended. hope that answers your question, Im not sure what question you were asking, I can only assume that you want to know what happened to Beechpark School, and you were a past pupil there too?

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