married couple looking for pregnant filipino woman by white foriegner willing to adopt her baby?

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me and my husband are looking for a pregnant filipino woman, baby has to be mixed parentage from a white foreigner. i will pay for all expenses..(we can arranged that with my lawyer)

me and my husband 3 years married and has stable income, we can support ur baby in every we can..and we will bring and raised the baby in the uk.

heres my husband's email:

before we migrate to uk we want to adopt or when baby is born we can register it straight to my husband name so that hassle free of this adoptions papers...easy for us to take the baby to the uk

money matters we can arranged that with my lawyer....

hoping with ur reply

mr. and mrs.markham

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  1. Guest28072939

     im mechelle from phillippines im 5 months pregnant now and i want to adopt my call my mobile number if you want +639307021124 or email me at

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