How can I become a successful make up artist?

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I have always been interested in becoming a make-up artist. How does one go about getting into that area of theatre? I read about make-up artists all the time, but where do you get the experience, knowledge, etc? I am not interested in doing theatrical make up. More like make-overs. Any suggestions?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Although Retail is the most tiring and is one of the most thankless jobs but still it provides a good way to learn and develop your skills for cosmetic industry works. If you work as a counter manager or in a departmental store then you can learn many things about the updated products and what kind of items are available to collaborate with customers. After you develop your confidence from wild success as a travelling artist. You can then use and utilize your skills for freelance work also. The basic thing in becoming a successful makeup artist is that you should be able to interact with people in a better way and you should have a charisma so people get attracted to you. Many actors spend time with the hair makeup. If you can make people good with their looks then this is the key to becoming a successful makeup artist. Another thing that is good for your reputation is that be funny and friendly this will also make people attracted to you and actors will come close to you. Another thing which is important is that you should take care of yourself , take a rest and nap, this will also make you feel fresh and enhance your performance.

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