Mail Addresses of the series charmed.

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I would like to know about the series Charmed, where can I find the mail addresses of this series. Can you tell me about the series in detail.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Charmed is an American television series which started on October 7,1988 and continued till May 21,2006. It first went on air on the WB television network. The writer of the series was Constance M. Burger and it was produced by Aaron Spelling and the Spelling Television company, the writer and director of the movie was Brad Kern. The series follows the tale of four sisters Prue, Piper,Phoebe and Paige. It is about some of the most powerful spells in the history of witches.
    Here are some write to the cast or any specific member put their name in place of \"Charmed.\"


    c/o WB Television Network

    4000 Warner Blvd, Bldg. 4-R

    Burbank, California 91522

    I have heard both of these addresses but have not used them so I am not sure they are legit.

    Alyssa Milano

    151 El Camino Drive

    Beverly Hills, CA 90210


    Shannen Doherty

    United Talent Agency

    9560 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 500

    Beverly Hills

    CA 90212


    And more...

    Charmed Productions

    6625 Variel Avenue

    Canoga Park, CA 91303


    Alyssa Milano

    P.O. Box 3684

    Hollywood, CA 90078


    Holly Marie Combs

    Warner Bother Network

    4000 Warner Blvd.

    Burbank, CA 91522


    Waner Brother Network

    3701 W. Oak St.

    Building 34 R, B

    CA, 91505


    Warner Bother Network

    4000 Warner Blvd.

    Burbank, CA 91522


    Alyssa Milano

    P.O. Box 1326

    Torrance, CA 90505

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