magazine. <br>Hi! I have a magazine from 1946, its us camera and I was wondering if you know how

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I have a magazine from 1946, it is US Camera and I was wondering if you know how much it is worth. It is the one with the dienes picture from May. If you could help that would be great, I have asked at other sites but their confused. It is good shape, one small tear at the back, one pencil scribble on front. All I want to know that is it worth of selling in the market.


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  1. John

    Hello there

    You know I am also a big collector of such magazines and love to collect new one. You know what you have has its own unique worth in the market and if it is in good condition than you can get good price for it. But remember such collectable items have certain value, if in a perfect condition.

    I would try and find a copy of Clark Kidders Marilyn from Cover to Cover or its sequel which is basically about Monroes Magazines and I do believe it gives a value of what they are worth. I know he also has written a couple of books on collectables and the prices might be in there. Other than that, I would check eBay and see if any similar are being sold. So be patient and let me sort it out for you.
    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any confusion in your mind.

    I am happy to be of your help


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