Do you know about practical mechanics?

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I want to know about the defunct magazine. Could anyone knows about practical mechanics. Please share it!

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  1. James Augustus

    Practical Mechanics was a monthly British publication dedicated mostly to home mechanics and technology. It was first released by George Newnes, Ltd., in October 1933, and ran for 352 matters until the magazine's termination in August 1963. Practical Mechanics was revised by Frederick J. Camm until his death in 1959.
    With focus on things its readers could sensibly assemble themselves, the publication boasted many items on how to construct things round one's dwelling, for example a sink or bathtub. It furthermore frequently boasted more fanciful items on how to construct things with less obvious applications round the home, for demonstration a Geiger contradict, or an airplane for £25
    The early matters were in very dark and white. The publication started publishing in hue at an unidentified date.
    Practical Mechanics was one of several DIY British publications, encompassing Practical Householder, Practical Motorist, and Practical Wireless, furthermore based by Frederick J. Camm.

    The magazine was very popular at that time. But it was discontinued because of insufficient funds


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