m.phil courses of vinayaka mission university for 2208-09 recognised by dec

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m.phil courses of vinayaka mission university for 2208-09 recognised by dec

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  1. Guest22609801

    i want to do mphil in commerce

    plz inform me abt the syllabus and fees structure as early as possible..

    my email id is



  2. Guest21783436

    i have done mphil english from vinyakamission salem but in job members are not considring me as mphil.i got 53%in MAHOW CAN I PROVE MY SELF WRITE

  3. Guest20992929
    Respected Sir, With due respect i want to inform your good self the I was a registered student of vinayaka mission university through the study centre RIDE chandigarh under registration no:A7PJ029M1220174/603133070086(NEW). Of course M.phill Microbiology during session 2007-2008. your study centre does not provide any information regarding examination etc to the students i.e; why i suffered a lot. I always tried a lot on given phone numbers but the collegues does not gave satisfied answers.Mean while i got information regarding examination in june 2009 session and also fullfilled fee and other formalities of examination..finally i managed my self for examination in june examination centre was in chandigarh in ghandi bhawan. i succeded to participate in all the three core papers on dated ; 22/06/2009,23/06/2009/24/06/2009, respectively. the proof of which is stored in your office documents.i fuulfilled all the formalities with your collegues at the study centre.unfortunately when the result was disclosed my reult was shown as under: 6030603 research methodology theory and techniques aaa 6031001 advanced study in microbiology 66 6031002 microbial technology 62 when i contacted on phone to your office one lady responded me that this is our mistake and we will solve it soon in a month.after a month i got a chance to contact the same number sme lady requested me to wait for more time after that from time to time i contacted on phone and she asked me we will contact you soon and you dont worry about the problem. we have lot of cases like that and we are trying for solving this problem with university.but today when i contacted on phone they totally ignorred .I hve also posted my two application to your university officee heded to registrar but no response was given i worried about my future and your study centr have ruined my future ,now your good self is requested to see the possibility of being solved my problem.and suggest me how can i save my degree. i am waiting for your early response also requests for appearing in exam of COMMING (NOV-DEC 2010)session for the same misplacced paper that will be your most kindness. (COURSE: M.PHILL MICROBIOLOGY YEAR OF ENROLMENT: 2007-2008 CENTR CODE: PJ029 09858996036,09797776485
  4. Guest18247305
    I am Rajee from TiruPPur I want tojoin M.Phil (CS) in distance education in your university.Is it Possible or not.Please kindly send me rePly to my emailid I am eargerly waitiing for your rePly. Please
  5. Guest16097841
    i want to do M. Phil. in English from Vinayaka.... but i heard 2010 is d last batch... Can anybody tell me is it true or not...?
  6. Guest15548567
    can any give me M.phil. (Comuper science ) time table of Dec. - 09 which is late this year
  7. Guest15369952
    YES vinayaka mission university IS recognised
  8. Guest15364961
    I want to do M.PHIL in commerce from vinayak mission university,can it is possible by distance learning mode and also Iwant to know this university's degree is recognized from where?
  9. Guest14825741
    can iget time table for m.phil dec. 09 of distance education
  10. Guest14262715
    can i get the time table for mphil microbiology
  11. Guest14153835
    I want to do MPhill in microbiology from vinayaka mission university through distance education can it possible? or in part time.Otherwise can i able to apply for a part time PhD in microbiolgoy?
  12. Guest12395817
    it is valid or not
  13. Guest12284405
    can i get the time table for M.Phil commerce examinations?
  14. Guest12284405
    Can i get the time table fo M. Phil commerce exxaminations?
  15. Guest11682870
    i want to do m.phil in mathematics from vinayaka mission university,can it is possible by distance learning is valid or not ?
  16. Guest11541887
  17. Guest11464292
    is M.phil in mathematics from vinayaka mission university is recongnised by ugc
  18. Guest10468634
    i want to do mphil in astrology in distance mode. is it possible
  19. Guest10450202
    Is admission open for M.Phill in English?
  20. Guest10146461
    i want to do m.phil. in microbiology from vinayaka mission university,can it is possible by distance learning

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