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Low iq jobs for people like me. My IQ score is 73 and i feel everyone around me is smarter than me. What kind of jobs should i apply for and what should i do to increase my chance of landing a job. Am i the only one with a very low IQ? Can someone list or suggest jobs that people with my IQ level be able to do. Thanks a million in advance.

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  1. Guest28407298

     Just give up and live on welfare for the rest of your life. Best to quit now



  2. Guest28384984

     I love to hear a Vic rehab person talk. I have high IQ and my son has low IQ. I meet people who work in Voc. rehab (went to school with many). These are people who could not have a private practice so they fell into government jobs. These people just look at the regs and codes and then put a person (round peg into round hole) per the regulations and codes. They from my experience are lazy workers who don't care and have their clients best interest at heart - mostly janitor jobs you know the ones no one can fill even with illegals. You gave to put someone in them right. You do have a quota to meet!!!

  3. Guest28261208
    A low IQ does not limit your ability to gain knowledge.. Some of the most gifted people that I have met had a low IQ. Focus on something that you enjoy & devote as much time as possible to gain knowledge in that field. Before I was diagnosed with Complex HSP @ 47, I was a fleet manager. I actually had a college professor show up @ our dealership. He told me that his car was defective because he jacked up his car & put all the wheel emblems in the same location-straight, level. He honestly thought that they should stay perfectly straight & level at all times after performing this very stupid OCD-test??? I could not convince him that when you take any curve, the outer wheels had to travel further than the inside wheels. I even set up another car to his Specs. & had him drive it with obviously the same results. He stated that it was defective too. He wanted a new car & would not take NO for an answer. I put him in contact with GM tech assistance & eventually had to ask him to leave my shop. I often wonder about his IQ...
  4. Guest28156515

    My IQ is 149, measured by a clinical psychologist and I don't feel any brighter and I make stupid decisions and choices all the time. In my opinion opportunities and motivation equals success xx


  5. Guest28120111

    very true i have a low iq,  recently bought todd rundgren utopia cd's for christmas.  I have never felt so low this year.

  6. Guest28103961

    live with mommy and daddy

  7. Guest28066245

    Thank you for all these stories.  This applies to both myself and my daughter. 


  8. Guest24978982

    When you hav a low I.Q. basically all opprotunities in life fails. I wanted to become a psychologist but I have an I.Q. of 84, which is borderline intellectual functioning. If I had scored 5 points lower then I would have been put in the local special school for mentally challenged people. Like I said failed opprotunities. Now I'll have to work for Mcdonald's.

  9. Guest22765505

    I also have a low IQ and learning disability. I notice a lot of entertaining software and products for those with sufficient IQ. Am I stuck with constant job loss and "lower class" jobs and menially work until the day comes that I pass away? That lucky day that I await to be apart of? The society favors and cherishes those with intelligence. These people are rewarded with beautiful partners, fancy cars, nice homes and the desire to have a family as legitimate and uncruel? While we lower IQ men are born into higher rates of suicidality, constant failure, job loss and conditions that scorn a desire to die away from the society we are unfit to become a part of? Why? What can you say to fix this? Does God care? NO!

  10. Guest22563473

    Maybe this will help.  I assist individuals with disabilities to include learning disabilities.  I would recommend that you may want to contact your State's Vocational Rehabitiation Services Program.  You may be able to find them by contacting or going through your local career center or work force development center.  Many of our organizations that work with VR Services that have hands on training programs where one can gain a certification, ie in Janitorial Skills training, Food Service Training, Child Care, and Computer Skills training.  In addition you may be able to gain a quick certification to help you gain work by attending an adult education program through one of you local community college programs.  These programs may not require a lot of academics and may be more hands on learning which may be a direction you want to head.

    Good Luck

    JHoffman, Evaluator

  11. Guest22351469

    I was told by a Psychologist (because i also have low 78 iq) that you can't do anything demanding. But i on top of having 78 iq also have borderline impaired attention problems so that makes it worse. The problem with a low iq is that most of the time it causes memory functions to be low too. So i would pick an easy job like maybe assembly line work where your not making decisions or working with the public. Where your just doing one thing all day. Thats my opinion. Good luck.

  12. Guest20188891
    You could get a job for Outreach like Clint Heine from Shepherd's bush, mind you, if your IQ is 73, you're probably too bright anyway.
  13. Guest18094853
    If you have thought all that out and are formulating future career decisions based on your perceived intelligence, your IQ is likely much higher than a 73 anyway. There is no universally agreed upon way to measure “intelligence.” Also, your education and other qualifications aren’t even a direct result of your IQ. I know many people that don’t strike you as being sharp that have high education levels due to family support and others who seem very bright stuck in low paying jobs due to tough circumstances. My opinion is that this whole IQ thing is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If one assumes he/she has a low IQ, a low level of drive and determination will follow and guarantee poor to mediocre results. If one is convinced that he/she has a high IQ, a high level of success will follow regardless of the person’s actual IQ as measured by modern testing methods.
  14. Guest17506182
    What a beautiful and inspiring story about that security guard. The 10,000 calls reminded me of an article I read in BBC Focus magazine about how many hours all the great musicians,artists,inventors and so on put in before they achieved something great which was also 10,000. Scientists think that this number is key to mastering anything which seems to make sense. I really hope the person who started this discussion has found some work now and is feeling stronger in themselves as it's not nice "feeling that everyone is smarter than me" to coin your phrase. I feel that too a lot and can't picture myself doing jobs that other people find easy. My advice to anyone in a tough looking for work situation (which is as much for myself as well) is .... 1.try and chill 2.get plenty of excercise if you can as this will keep your endorphins ticking over and will help staying positive or rather fight the negative 3.set some leisure time each day to not think about work related stuff 4.listen to some of your favourite music if you have access to it. or meet up with friend/s on regular basis whatever suits you 6.tell yourself that this is your journey and way of doing things, not anyone elses and that's fine. 7.get at least a few minutes of daylight each day esp. first thing in the morning if you can. This is important for you body clock esp in Winter 8.try and get support from family and friends and if anyone is not helping you, focus on the ones that are instead. 9.look for jobs online googling lots of differnt key words but I can't give much advice here as I'm still struggling...there's a good careers advice government website free tel number which is 08080 100 333 I think... They can guide you into helping work out what you may want to do etc. Hope some of this helps or even better hope you've got a good job and are more settled now. Alex
  15. Guest15659825
    you can work in a tv company tv company's dont really require a high iq
  16. Guest15386309
    Funny how everybody can relay motivational stories, but nobody actually answered the question. A person with a low IQ would be most suited for jobs that require some level of repetition. This allows the person to use their motor functions to be successful rather than their critical thinking process. As noted above, A call center is a good industry for a low IQ. It may take some time to learn the mechanics of making a sale, or providing support but once the employee has mastered the scripts they have as good a chance for success as anyone. Also the hospitality industry has many jobs that a person with a low IQ would feel comfortable in. Cleaning hotel rooms or cleaning linens is a viable position.
  17. Guest15314484
    First of all, the kinds of questions you're asking imply intelligence on your part. Your I.Q. can go up as some google searches on this. And re-test. You're probably smarter than you think you are, so never say negative things about your self, and avoid negative thinking. Give your self credit, even if you don't believe it at first. Always tell yourself you CAN do something. And don't get a job, find a way to do what you love doing. If you like art, go after that, find a way to get an education in a field you enjoy. Don't ever settle and never listen to anyone who tells you you're stupid or can't do something, they're full of s**t. You can do anything you choose to. We live in a dynamic universe, it will let you have what you want if you keep putting in the effort.
  18. Guest118036
    The difference between success and failure is “opportunity” IQ is not the main factor. Please read below a story of a security guard who didn’t speak a single word of English yet became the top selling person in the nation. So call experts say, the inequalities among people with low iq and high IQ are going to become much wider in the years ahead. The income trajectory for low-skill or low IQ occupations usually peaks in a worker's twenties or thirties. The income trajectory for managers and professionals usually peaks in their fifties. Don't let the IQ ranking make you feel you cannot prosper in life; first of all, did you do the IQ test in your language; even that makes a huge difference. I knew a guy who worked at a call center as a security guard; he did not know a single word of English. Over the years he realized he should learn english and try his luck at calling people instead of standing in one place all day guarding buildings. He applied for a job and got refused; he tried again and same thing happened. He never gave up and kept trying for an interview and the mangers who knew he was a security guard and due to his accent being very strong; never gave him a job. finally one day he got tired of applying and went to the manger of the call center and asked him to give him a trail period without pay and also give him the hardest area to call in. Manager just to get rid of him said sure (manager figured the security guard will leave after one day of calling); next day when the manager came back security guard was still there dialing. no luck, no sale. Manager thought he would for sure be gone in a week but a month later the guard was still there but no sales. Seven months later the guard was still there with no pay and made over 10,000 calls. The news about a guard who did the most hours without a sale spread the entire company and every day more people would tease him and started calling him “No Sale Man”. Right after he passed 10,000 calls, something extraordinary happened; he got his first sale. From that day forward the rain of sale never stopped; the security guard become the highest paid sales person in the country and the entire company gave his example. The point of the story is; its not how smart you are but how dedicated and consistent you are is what makes the difference. There are noble prize winners who have had very low IQ and there are people with very high IQ begging on the streets. The difference between success and failure is “opportunity”
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