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This was maybe a 50s or 60s B and W English film. Father of child left 16 years ago before child birth. He comes back and finds himself oddly attracted to his daughter. Meanwhile there is a rash of cattle mutilations across the countryside. Turns out daughter was a son raised by mother who hated men? Do you know the title of this movie? Can someone tell me that?

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    Hey there I have searched a lot for the movie and found A Reflection of Fear (1973) similar to your plot. Sorry I did not find any movie like this one in the time you mentioned.
    A pretty but strange teenage girl is kept isolated by her mother and grandmother. Her long absent husband arrives with a novel fiancé within tow, and asks for a divorce. It is not long ahead of everybody types of slightly perverted and typically violent seventies shenanigans kick off.
    One of the oddest early seventies psycho-thrillers... as Marguerite, Locke is all bug eyes, lengthy hair and mini-dresses as the disrupted teenager, wafting circle, conferring to a seemingly dreamt guy and permanent awful mood swings. Hasso and Ure (in her final film) are given quite thankless roles as her sinister guardians (and given the clearly Canadian setting - references to Charlottetown, Georgetown - there's no specified explanation for Marguerite having a Swedish grandmother and an Anglo-American mother... and why is the gardener British?). Robert Shaw was a fine actor (and he was married to Ure at the time), but here appears to sleepwalk during the film, regardless the slightly incestuous nature of his personality, and Keller man was a curious and odd option for the 'straight' role of Anne, notably whether you assess her other more wacky roles of this term (M*A*S*H, SLITHER, LAST OF THE RED HOT LOVERS and BREWSTER McCLOUD). I hope you would like this movie as well.

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