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What is the name of a movie with John Denver song sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. I have searched a lot for the title of this movie but did not find it. I am confused with two name one of a TV serial and second is of a film. Do you know the name of this film. Can someone tell me that? I would be really great full.

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    Hello there,

    this song was featured in a TV film from 1973 called "Sunshine", which starred Cliff De Young and Christina Raines. De Young actually sang the song in the film. This film is about a young woman living in the woods with her husband, a struggling musician, and her daughter discovers she has terminal cancer. She begins to tape-record a journal of the time she has left. It was directed by Joseph Sargent, written by Jacquelyn Helton (journals), Carol Sobieski, starring Cristina Raines, Cliff De Young and Meg Foster. This song was also featured in some other movies and TV serials like:

    There was a 1977 sequel called "Sunshine Christmas" in which the song was featured once again, and there was a 13 episode TV series made in 1975, again called "Sunshine". I hope this would help you now. Best of luck

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