looking for a couple to adopt my baby

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im currently pregnant and due in 3 weeks.. i have 2 kids and can not care for a 3rd one alone again.... im also really in a bad position with my living situation,...if anyone can help please let me no thanks

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  1. Guest28166356

    hi there we are a white coupel looking to give somoene white new born babby a loving home dont have money to pay for adoption but me and my hubby have been trying to have ower own littel bunddel of joy for 8 years but no luck it make my hart so sore to see that me and my hubby would never have a child of our own and we have lots of love to give please wats app 0766641728 or email if you want loving parents for your babby

  2. Guest28163703

     i am looking for adoptive parents aswell that s*x and race does not matter pls pls email me at cddlebby at gmail dot com

  3. Guest28156550

     My name is Shannon, my husband and I have 1 adopted son who is from Uganda Africa and he is the joy of our lives! We are ready to adopt again, this time domestically and hopefully a child of African descent like him :)

    We have chosen adoption as our FIRST choice in starting a family. We are so excited to see who God will bring into our home as we know that this is in His hands. 

    email me at

  4. Guest28154368
    Hi my name is Samantha Im 34 my fiance is also 34 .. I've been unable to conceive & both my husband to be & myself want to be parents with all our hearts but I wont marry my fiance unless I can give him a child we want to be a Family with all our hearts. We are caucassion & we make a good living. It doesn't matter if its a boy or girl & yes wed rather have child of our race its not that big a deal we would love, care for, provide for, raise & enjoy & bless a child no matter his/her skin tone that's small part of who we are as a person just the joy of being a Mommy & Daddy is the biggest blessing ever. Please if your finding yourself in the place where you can give your baby to a loving set of Parents who will do anything for your baby to see that it lives a happy, fun, loving, blessed life & get a good education & raised with good morals & values please give us a look at. Please We will love your baby with all our hearts, minds, sports & souls.. May our Heavenly FATHER Watchover, Bless & Be With You Husband,Fiance/Boyfriend & all your Children including the child/Baby You May Bless Another Mommy & Daddy With Always! Sincerely & Lovingly, Ross & Samantha.. You can reach me at or 1-740-317-3768
  5. Guest28153836

     To all of the blessed who have been able to have a child and are looking to give that little angel up to a loving, caring, religious couple who can not have children themselves. Thank you for answering a prayer and giving some of us hope again. If anyone has a newborn or up to 6 month old baby girl they would like to give up to a very loving and stable couple in their 40's living in California please email me at

  6. Guest28152433

     I looking for a baby girl with blue or grey eye if anything message me in

  7. Guest28149469


    I'm a young single mom with two young boys, ages 1&4, my parents both passed away before I was a legal adult. I'm looking for someone who not only would love to have familial bonds not only with my boys but me as well. If you are interested in being in the life of a young college student (daughter figure) and my boys as potential grandparents, I'd love to get to know you. You can reach me at Genuine couples only please.



  8. Guest28137508

     Hi my name is Kristie Bryan and my husband and I have a beautiful home on Lake Superior . We are looking for a child to love and share all the love we have to give . We are Christians and want to adoptive privately . My email is

  9. Guest28131490

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    you all from samata lewis

  10. Guest28126822

    My husband and I have been together for 7 years now and we have been married for 5 years. We are in search of a miracle to adopt. God has blessed us with a house and pets, great jobs helping out our community, and supportive family members. I was broken when I was told that we have a 1% chance of ever having a child. However, I believe that somewhere out there through someone who needs help we will be able to adopt. If you or your friend would like to talk with us we would love to hear from you.

    miracleadoptionfromyou at gmail dot com

  11. Guest28105423

    Anne I would love to adopt your baby my husband and I are having problems please contact me 

  12. anne

     Hi, i am looking for somebody who willing to adopt my unborn baby, i dnt demand anything. For those who are willing you can contact me or email me, anyway im already 4 months pregnant.


  13. Guest28097631

     Hi my name is Stacey I have a 3 year old son and me and my bf been together for while and can't seem to have a baby together and we would love to get to know you and let's talk bout this thank you if you would like to get in touch with me 318 5475610 my name is Stacey 

  14. Guest28096433

    Hi my name is Jamie my husband and I have been together for 11yrs had a miscarriage 5yrs ago and I had 2 cysts removed last year had to have my left tube and ovary removed.  I am not able to have any babies. Would love to ADOPT is there anyone out there in the Pittsburgh, pa area putting baby up for adopt please contact me at


  15. mkmalls21

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  16. Guest28087981

     I can"t adopt the baby but there are some beautiful couples out there who are willing to adopt. I can however help you out financially. It's not much but I understand what you may be going through. You can email me at


  17. Guest28087228

    Hi my name is joey and my wife is judy we live in ct and we been together for over 20 years and been married for almost 10 years we tried to have a baby my wife had 4 miscariages both are very close with our families and can't imagine us never having a family of our own we are both 46 years old own our own home here in ct for over 10 years and we will do anything to have a family of our own please contact us and hope you will consider at least talking with us thank you for your time here im email address


  18. Guest28084688

    Hi, my name is Jessica.  My husband and I seriously want to adopt a baby. Weve been married 10 years and have a beautiful 3 year old son.  Doctor said we cant have any more and being able to adopt a baby would be an answered prayer.  If your interested in us please call or text 325-200-1625 or email a23mouse  Thank you so much. God Bless!

  19. Guest28084625

     I would love to privately adopt a child or sibling group.  I would like to adopt  from the USA. My email is

  20. Guest28069607

    hi my name is evette and I live in bardstown ky with my boyfriend for over 5 years and my 2 kids my daughter is 13 and my son is 15 and I cant have anymore kids but I would like to adopt a little girl if your looking for a good adopted mother please reply or email me at thanks

  21. Guest28050939

    hello,, i really do need help ,, i live in Ghana and am 11 yrs old and i told ma dad that i would like to someone to take me as thier own son and take care of me coz he cannot do that due to some serious problems and he said he also lik the idea so who would llike to adopt me ,, if anybody is interested ,, i would like the person to talk to my dad ,, here my e-mail,, is for ma dad but we have been using it together ,,,Thanks alot

  22. Guest28038343

    My husband and I would love to adopt again we have adopted 2 older children now we would like to do a privite adoption no agencys. we would love babies or older children, boys or girls ,and would be willing for children with special needs. we would love to consider sibling groups or just a single child. we live in MN. if anyone out there would like to give us a chance I would love to hear from you.

  23. Guest28018011

    I am 29 & my husband is 35. We have been married for 10 years now. We have 3 wanderful boys of our own but we would both love to have a little girl. We live in Alberta Canada. We are not rich but we have good jobs & a nice house in a family friendly neighbourhood for our children. My husband is originally from Ghana & I am from the Caribbean but we have both spent our entire adult life living & working in Canada. If you are thinking of giving your little girl up for adoption, please contact me @

  24. Guest28018011

    I am 29 & my husband is 35. We have been married for 10 years now. We have 3 wanderful boys of our own but we would both love to have a little girl. We live in Alberta Canada. We are not rich but we have good jobs & a nice house in a family friendly neighbourhood for our children. My husband is originally from Ghana & I am from the Caribbean but we have both spent our entire adult life living & working in Canada. If you are thinking of giving your little girl up for adoption, please contact me @

  25. Guest27985568

     I have 3 daughters 9,8,7 and had my tubes tied and I'm 30 and want a boy now . I see mother's all the time killing their babies and , I wish I could reach them and know them so I can give their baby a chance . 

  26. Guest27894927

     We are looking to adopt alittle girl, if you are still looking, please contact me at and we can talk more.

  27. Guest27893270

     propbably a long shot but my fiance and i are looking to adopt we live in massachusettes i am unable to have children and we are in the process in starting the adoption process but if anypne is pregnant and would like to meet of course with lawyers (to make it legal). would be very interested. we are open to open adoption where you can come visit but if you nt want that thats ok. i am 26 and my fiance is 26 as well im caucasian and he puerto rican. hes a mechaic and i do dog walking / pet sitting. we live in a three bedroom with an empty third room for when we receive a child. gender race or anything dont matter. we would be proud to be parents. email me anytime at and we can start talking. 

  28. Guest27886123


    Good day, i have a baby who is 7 months old,due to some reason i am not able to care for the child , i decided to look for any couples or single parent that is willing to adopt . if you are interested then let me know or contact me via email (

  29. Guest27880549


    My name is Jen, im 19 years old and 6 months pregnant...Im living in the Philippines,Manila.

    I am looking to a couple who want to adopt my baby,since i cant gave a good future to my child because of my bad condition and status in life..I a hoping that God has a plan to my baby..its hard for me to give my child in to the hands og other people but i know that this decission that i made is through the purpose and plan of God..i can bear anymore..please help me ..

    message me ;

    call me or text me: 09488169992

  30. Guest27764790

    I would love to adopt your baby.  I have tried for several years to concieve and recently found out that will not happen.  I have much love to give any child no matter the race or ethnicity.  I love a children and willing to open my home to a baby.  My desire has to always have a baby and have a family. 

  31. Guest27367229

    Hi, my name is Loretta. My partner and I are wantting to adopt a baby , if you would like to see our page we made on Facebook, just look me up on FB under Loretta Moore and under groups We Want to Adopt or call me at (740)588-0723 to talk to us, get to know us better, and hopefully decide you would love for us to adopt your baby!!

  32. Guest27235898

    My husband and I would love to adopt!  We have two beautiful children 4 and 2!  Both pregnancy were very complicated!  I am scared to try again, but we would love to have more children!  We live out in the counrty in a small town, but close to good schools and good hospitals.  We are God loving Chrisitans.  I will soon be a certified teacher and my husband is a sawyer at a saw mill!  We are simple humble people...nothing fancy, but full of love, faith, kindness, and joy!  We want the very best for our children.  I want them to look back and just remember how happy, fun, precious their childhood's were!  I pray that goods helps them to grow, develpoe, be healthy, happy, kind, loving christians!  Our children are everything to us and any more children to come would be the same!  My husband came from a large family and I would love to give all my childrent the same experience of having brothers and sisiters!  College funds are already available and waiting for all our children.  No matter what you decide make sure it is what is right for you...and your baby!  I wish you the best and will pray your baby will find its way into the perfect arms...whethere it be ours, someone elses, or yours!!  You can e-mail me at  Even if you just need a friend to talk to!  It's your baby and you will know what is best to do!  I suggest praying!  When I say that I sometimes get a weird look, but it honestly helps!  God can and will bring you through what ever the need may be! Bless you and your little one! :)


  33. Guest27204206

    i have 8 months old baby boy for adoption , please only serious adoptive parents should contact me for more information and pictures of my baby . u can -----  e-mail ------  me ------------ at ( )

    Thx . Raffaella .

  34. Guest27008410

     Hi my name is kim,I can't have children!! But five yrs ago a mother

    Intrusted me to luv an care for her 6 month old!! To day he is my world!! My husban an didn't realize u could love a child so much!! He is are every thing!! Now he is asking brother or sister!! An we would luv to adopt again!! My Lil man (korbin) is the greatest gift I've river been entrusted with!! I'm a stay @ home mom it's the best job in the world!! I don't know how you fell about open adoption?? We have one with my 5 yr old!! He knows his bio mom & Luvs her very much!! He knows she Luvs him very much!! But she was unable to care for hi!! We also told him that she the greatest gift of all him!! You can contact me @ 228-234-3565or  email me @


  35. Guest25880718

    Hi, my husband and I want a baby more than anything in the world, we would love to talk to you and just see if we are a fit. Please contact me

  36. Guest25034739

    Dear... Most people enjoy the inferiority of their best friends. Please if U don't mind can we be friends and get to know each other slowly like the beautiful butterflies comes out from their lavers slowly ( smiles). I will like you to contact me directly with my email: Thanks and remain bless...

  37. Guest25034224

    we would like to meet with u ,we cant have children and its our dream we were thinking about open adoption that way their is no red tape just a lawyer fee my husbands works brings home 5,000 a month and i stay home. please contact us or 865-466-1405

  38. Guest25031141

     please email me personally i really want to help godzchild1991 at

  39. Guest25012602

    don't give up your child

  40. Guest25005744

    hello me and my husband are wanting to adopt a baby he is black and i am white we live in georgia and i am a stay at home mom i am 39 and he is 40 we have grown kids so this will be the only child living at home and will be taking good care of we have been having a child together and cant please we really want a child we go to church and very active with chuch thanks email me

  41. Guest24991265

    Hi, my name is Heather.  My husband and I have been wanting to adopt for a very long time.  We live in a small town with great people.  We have 3 children and would love to add to our family. We have been foster parents for 3 years because we are a very loving family.  If you are interested in looking for an adoptive family we would love to talk to you.  Your child will be very loved, and you would bless us with a very precious gift.  Please email me at

  42. Guest24957835

     Hello my name is Melanie.  I'm a 39 year old woman who had to have a totally hysterectomy years ago before I was able to have a child of my own.  I'm looking to adopt a newborn and provide it a wonderful loving home and extended family.  I am a licensed independent social worker in Ohio and am just completing my PhD in Human Services Administration.  I am financially stable and have the potential for a lucrative future in my field.  I own my own home and reside with my kin Mother who is eager to be an in home grammy.  I also have my two parents, sister/brother in law, nephews, and grandmother all within a couple hours of my home and they are ready to add to our family. I am single but believe that if it is meant to be the right person will come into my life.  I do, however, have strong male role models in my world who can serve as mentors for a wonderful young child.  I am a Christian who believes that there are many paths to spiritual growth and each person has to find that path for themselves with guidance, love, and support.  I hope that you consider me for the adoption of the gift that you have within you.  I am open to any and all questions you may have.  Please contact me and I will be happy to discuss anytime night or day.

  43. lsly54


  44. Guest24931481

    Hi from Lisa-rae

    I would love to adopt more babies..

    I have an amazing daughter Jade but never could have more...Jade is an amazing daughter , loving kind caring educated ,sweet ,with the biggest loving heart and extremely talented...

    I help raise a 2 yr old little girl called summer ... this little girl belongs to  one of Jades young friends , he is a young dad and works full time and the mum just disappeared so I have his daughter Summer 13 hours a day just to help him out..

    I would love to adopt ! but like I do with Summer and Jake , if your unsure about adoption I'm sure I could help you out with your baby too if you need it.

    either way feel free to contact us anytime,so we can get to know each other as  we truely are a loving caring giving family 

    0405 442 886







  45. Guest24924801

    hi my name is yen..i just found out im from philippines....i do not want the baby because i am the only hope for my sisters and i am still studying i do not want to disapoint my father.........i want to keep the baby and do not want to abortion or anything. but i have no work and ca nnot support the i consider others to adopt my baby instead after i deliverd...but my problem is I have financial problem raising the baby...........if someone will help me raise this child and will  raise my child and care and treat like their own child i would love to let them adopt it.....thanks...........


  46. Guest24279657

    I am a citizen of UK. I worked with the missionary in the UK before my husband died.So i was sent to Cameroon were i finally lost my job because i was not regular in attendance to my job because of my baby's health due to the climatic conditions.More still my passport got missing and things became more rough and i could not return to Britain. When things became worst i had to go stay with my Parish Pastor since i was unable to pay my house bills.He welcome me but his wife does not, this make me know that she does not love me because when the pastor always leave the state for seminars she always treats me badly.Am giving out my baby due to the following;cause i cannot take good care of him;the climatic condition here is not good for him because it makes him sick.Please will love to give out my baby to a loving caring and God fearing family;Hope to read from you and know more about you. I will want it legal.Stay

  47. ddk

    Hi, were do you live ? I would like to hear more please contact me at Thanks, D

  48. Guest23896274

    would the seventeen year old girl that is pregnant please email me. My husband and I are looking to adopt. We have dated 8 yrs and now married 8 yrs and are ready to start a family. Hope to hear from you. D

  49. Guest23892942

    i take your baby i live i nyc i trying to have one more

  50. Guest23488201

    Hi, We are still hear if you need us. We are looking to adopt to make our family complete. I sent you a post earlier telling you about us. I recieved a message to my email from this site. So if you are still looking for a family pleases give us a chance to get to know each other. Thanks D

  51. Guest23487095

    Hello, I am sure by know you have found your family to adopt your baby and I wish you all the best. I just wished we would of had a chance to of got to know each other first. But you take care and God bless you for giving the baby life and for what choice you made there after. If you hear of anyone else keep me in your thoughts and prayers. deedeekeeth at yahoo dot com. Take care, D

  52. Guest23466741

    Hello, My name is Karin and my husband is Chris. We are looking to adopt a baby into a loving home in Alberta.  Since I am unable to have children on my own and was adopted from birth we would love to give a child the same opportunity. Chris & I offer a loving home and caring enviorment for a child and would welcome the opportunity to share our love with a baby. I would be a stay at home mom devoting all attention on our newest member of the household. If you are wanting an amazing home for your baby please contact me at 

  53. ddk

    Hi, I forgot to add to contact me at deedeekeeth at yahoo dot com if you would like to talk more. Thanks D

  54. ddk

    Hello, first I would like to say giving birth to your child shows you are a caring person when so many abort. Second placing your child up for adoption after the birth shows you want what you feel is best for your child. I did have a child at 14 yrs of age and raised her and that was the hardess thing I ever did. While my friends we out and about I had to not only think about my self but now a child that I was responsible for. We had our ups and downs, sometimes she thinks I am her sister. Ha Ha. But she lives 1 min from me. She made me and my husband of 8 yrs grandparents of 5 children ages 15,14,8,7,2. But at the end of the day they are just our grandchildren and nor do we see and care for them every day. We give her her space and is there when she needs.  I can no longr have children and my husband and I want more than anything to raise a child together. I am from a large extended family but my husband an only child. We dated 8 yrrs and now been married 8 yrs. We are a loving and stable couple. We live and run a large farm. I would so much love to talk with you more and share more of our life with you. Thanks D

  55. Guest23348022

    Hi, if any birthing Mother here or else where is looking to place a child for adoption; I just wanted to take a moment to let them know how sorry I am that they had to come to the decision but I am sure you have thought it over and will make the best choice for your child. I also wanted to let you know that my husband and I are looking to adopt. We have dated 8 yrs and married 8 yr. We are a stable and loving couple that is honest and down to earth. We live on and run a large farm. We would like the oppertunity to talk with you more. Please email me at Thank You, D

  56. Guest23339136

    Hi I'm 25 years old my husband of over 5 years is 27 we are both white. I am a nurse in Alaska and he is currently is his 9th year with the US Army as an MP. We have one son who will be 2 in June. My husband went through foster care as a child and I've cousins who were adopted and it has always been on our hearts to adopt. We live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath home on half an acre 4 blocks from baseball fields and soccer fields that we take walks to nightly with our son and 2 labs. We are a Godly family and just looking to give a child a loving home and a best friend to our son. While we are not millionaire we do make good money and can support a child in all the ways they need. We are active family who loves to camp, fish, hike and just be outside. I grew up playing sports and 4 different instruments and look forward to supporting our children in such things. We have family in california and Missouri and travel there often. If there is anything else you would like to know in considering us for your childs future please contact me any time at thank best of luck and God Bless.

  57. Guest23277776

    If any of you are still looking to give your baby up for adoption please read. I am 27 years old, married for five years. He is 30. We have been trying to conceive and have been unsuccessful. They told me in 2005 that I would probably never have children. We are looking to adopt, preferrably a baby but any age would make us happy. If you are needing our help please contact us at

  58. Guest22938647

    Hello!  I commend you and your choices of doing what is best for you, your children and your baby. We could not imagine what you are going through. Truly amazing what you are doing.  We have been trying to  go through an adoption process for almost 2 years.  We have one son and love, absolutly love being parents. This is truly the greatest gift EVER.We dream  of being parents to one more child.  WE are hoping for an open adoption. We do have a web site

    if you would like to know more about us and want to contact us.  Anyway, You are a strong person for doing this and we will be thinking of you.

  59. Guest22875214

    i am 17 and almost 4 months pregnant i am looking for a married couple for my child. so far my search has been unsuccessful.

  60. Guest22759238

    I would like to talk more with you about your options. Please feel free to contact me via email. and I can provide a phone number that you can call me on. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you


    ps please concider us to take care of your child.

  61. Guest22705563


    My name is Jessica. My husband and I have been trying to have a child for more than a year with no luck. We are looking to adopt without an agency. If anyone is still wanting to give your child up for adoption we would gladly give him or her a wonderful home. Let me tell you a little about us. Josh my husband has been in the military for over 10 years so we are very stable. We both enjoy being in the outdoors going fishing, football games, and horseback riding are our number one pastimes. Your child will be surrounded with lots of family which of course means lots of hugs and kisses. Please email me at for more information about us.

  62. Guest22550161

    I know this is a long shot but if there is anyone that would like to consider us as the perfect family let me know. Here is my story...I am caucasion and my husband is hispanic. We will be married for 8 years on Feb. 14. We have 2 beautiful children, my son is 7 and my daughter is 5. We are a happy loving family living in Oklahoma. For some reason I can't have anymore children. I am looking into adopting or becoming a legal gardian of a precious baby we can bring into our family. Please give us a chance. My email is

    A little more info I forgot to mention earlier... I am a stay at home mother and my husband is the one out working. We also attend Church every Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday eveings. Not only would your child be welcom into our family but our Church family as well.

  63. Guest22525822

    Hi, My Name Is Wendy And Age 23 years. I'm a nursing mother and single parent to the baby boy . I am disabled (crippled-ca​r accident) and Due to my inability condition , i myself incapable of holding on to the responsibilities​s of raising up this child base on my financial stand , back-grown and my present condition . I'm here to get my baby boy a tenderly loving home and parents that will dedicate all his love , time and patience in raising this baby boy in a very loving environments​ . My baby boy is in good health , have good weights, playful and all medical reports are good. I'm healthy except of my disable condition , not a smoker nor an alcoholic . I love my baby boy very much , my placing him up for adoption is just get a family and home that i know will forever love and care for him better than i can do . Please , i will be more than just being happy to bless your with my baby boy provided you are the type of family i want for him . Please contact me via . ? Thanks

  64. Guest22481068

    Are you still seeking an adoptive family for your baby?

    My husband and I have been trying for years to give our daughter a brother/sister with no sucess,so adoption is a great option for us. You can contact me further on my email @ hope to hear from you soon.

  65. Guest21264565
    I am unable to have anymore children due to my last pregnancy and I really still want more children, but can't. So my husband and I are wanting to adopt and we would love to make your baby one of the family. We have 3 other children that would also love another brother or sister. I would hope that you would consider us to be parents to your baby. And if you want to get to know us more or talk to us please contact us email us at
  66. Guest21115588
    Hello - First Congrats on the Child you do have, you are very lucky to have children with how many people are unable to conceive. I am glad to hear that you are responsible enough to realize that you would be unable to support another child. My husband and I are looking to adopt a child now, we are unable to have children. We have a very stable home and are able to provide a child everything that they would want and need as well as be able to give them all of the love that a child should ever have and feel. If you are still interested and would like to talk to us and meet us please contact me at Thank you, I hope to hear from you soon. Kerra
  67. Guest21115588
    If you are still interested in giving your baby up for adoption, my husband and I would be very interested, we have teenage children now and are looking to add to our family. you can email me at I hope to hear from you soon
  68. Guest21098149
    Is there anybody willing to help an 18 year old boy in need of help. I'm in need of some financial help and a good family to adopt me. I'll explain you more if you are willing to help. You can contact me at Scammers don't send me any scam emails. Its not easy to play your bait game with me.
  69. Guest21072049
    If you are still considering couples for adoption, please consider us! I would love to tell you everything you want to know about us. We are a very happy Christian couple who have been trying to get pregnant for 8 years now without success. Our desire to raise a child and love them unconditionally is just growing and growing! Email me at
  70. Guest20964632
    Hi husband,6yr old son and I are looking to add another miracle child to our family. WE have so much love and attention and devotion to give.OUr son wants to have a sister or brother as well. I cannot concieve due to a emergency hysterectomy and my husband was fixed before i met him. We would love for someone that is already pregant or just had a baby to allow us to do a direct placement adoption. We live in Alberta Canada though so the adoption and you and the child would have to be in canada for this process. i constantly see women with children ,newborns and I end up crying my eyes out cause I have never been able to concieve due to endometriosis and fibroids the size of grapefruits. I bled to death for 2 minutes due to a doctors stupidity. We just really want to complete our family. If you are interested in speaking to us contact us at or We are hoping someone can help make another miracle for us come true. We would do private direct placement which does not require a agency to be involved. we did all the paperwork for our son when we adopted him and its faster and easier and the adoption is done more quickly. Thank you again for reading my story.
  71. Guest20899801
    PLease contact me if you are still looking to place your baby for adoption . thanks,
  72. Guest20881377
    I live in ON , so want a child to raise and grow with, unable to have any chikdren
  73. Guest20523045
    My husband and I are wanting to adopt a child or infant. We would appreciate you entrusting us to love your baby as our very own. Philip and Cyndi Dalton, GA.
  74. Guest20520077
    Hi! I know you've already delivered your child and we hope everything went well for you. If you have not settled on a couple yet, please consider us. We are a mature, dedicated, settled couple with a heart as big as the world! Your child would always be safe with us, and given every opportunity to succeed in life. He would raised in a great home in the country with lots of room to run!
  75. Tina
    Are you still looking for a family for your child? If so please e-mail me at Thanks so much!
  76. Guest20261230
    My husband and I are looking to adopt another child into our family. Are you looking for someone still to adopt your daughter?contact me thank you we would want to do a private adoption which we have done with our son no government agencies needed.
  77. Guest20030984
    Hi there, my husband and i have been trying to have a child of our own for years now and we finally got pregnant but had a miscarriage. we were devastated but kept trying. we own a daycare, i am a certified teacher and i teach kindergarten at the daycare. we have deicated our lives to children, their education and their well being. we ould provide a loving home for a child. if you have not found a family yet we would really appreciate it if you consider us. We respect your coices and commend you for wanting the best for your child. please e-mail me at all the best
  78. Guest19886104
    did you find anyone to adopt your baby? please let me know.
  79. Guest19767245
    Im am sorry to hear your a struggling, and it is very loving of you to want a stable home for your baby. If you havent found a someone to adopt yet, my husband and I would love to speak to you further.
  80. Guest19703041
    My husband and I cannot have children together. We have a large beautiful home, he is a doctor with an established practice in florida. If you are serious, please email me at Thank you
  81. Guest19684497
  82. Guest19671129

    Hi! We found your question online. We are a couple who is interested in adopting a child - we live in NYC! If you want to find out more about us, we have a parent profile website at: Mostly, we hope you can find support through this hard time, and a path that gives you some healing and some choices that you can live with, no matter what you do. There are lots of ways to handle an adoption decision - and online chat rooms and sites where you can talk with birth-moms who have gone through giving up a child for adoption... not an easy thing. Here are some sites with information ...we hope at least some of it is still current and might be helpful : 1. - : - this is a site that offers a mentorship program which pairs potential birth-moms with someone who has been through the whole process already and has placed a child for adoption. Here is their application page: They also have what they call a “buddy system” which has a page at: There is allot of stuff including stories from birth-moms and adoptive moms on this site. See what you think! 2. - seems to be a site with a lot of adoption resources from all points of view – that of birth-parent, prospective adoptive parent, and adopted person, including online support forums. Not all the links I tried were current, but there is a Birth-mom Support link that was… and it is linked to the BirthMomBuds site and a bunch of others too. One fun page they had was a list of famous people who were either adopted, were adoptive parents or birth-parents: 3. has all sorts of blogs, info, etc. – but unlike many sites that deal only with families who are seeking to adopt a child this site seems to have a whole section that offers resources for birth-parents. You have to sign in or become a member to view things, but the page on this site that leads you to the birth-parent section is: You can contact us if you want to at We wish you well no matter what. Martha & Paul

  83. Guest19663025
    i need a couple to adopt my child
  84. Guest19631342
    My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have a four year old daughter, we would love add to our family. If you would like to know more about us you can contact us at
  85. Guest19614467
    where do you live? i am in alberta Canada.have you found a family yet?
  86. Guest19564614
    If you are serious and would like to talk more email me at: I willing to do an open adoption so you are able to still have contact and know your child is doing great.
  87. Guest19538828
    Hi there. How are you hanging out?? this definatley hurts. My husband and I adopted a little boy the day he was born. He is a excellent child. He was born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder but it don't hold him back. We live in a town called DRUMHELLER. we are famous for the Royal Tyrell museum about dinosaurs.where are you located at?We have a crib and clothes and eveything a baby needs cause we have been waiting so long for this moment o come. the crib has always been put together.We cannot have children as i had a emergency hysterectomy 3 yrs ago very traumatizing. i bled to death for 2 was scary cause i had no on there with me. i was take by ambulance to a city.I am 30 as of Jan 13th my son is 6on sept.13.My husband and I are legally married.we have been together for 11 years now. Are you prenant now or did you have the baby already? We woudl really be so greatful if you were to choose us to give your baby the best life he or she deserves.Thank You message me or you could call 403-334-0255. I hope your in the same province or its going to be harder. good luck
  88. Guest19516645

    Commonly referred to as the Chanel (French: Chanel) is a coco Chanel in 1909, the dress shop establishs in Paris. The small shop began to sell only ladies tire, but in a year KangBang relocated to Rue street (Cambon). From its brilliant shop flag chanel no (1921 May, when perfume creation is presented to chanel Beaux division of multiple choice, chanel perfumes almost no hesitate to choose 5, then become chanel no.). And popular chanel suit - an elegant design, including knee skirt and capable of short jacket with wool woven, traditionally, black CaiBian and aureate buttons, worn with big pearl necklace.

  89. Guest19516495
    hi my name is faye and i have adopted 2 children already me and my husband cant have kids no more so we are wanting to adopt at least 2 more .we have a 4 bedroom home and the 2 kids dont want for nothing i would love to talk to can email me at thanks
  90. Guest19504185
    hi my name is caiden. my girl and i have been trying to have a baby for 3 years with no luck. we would love to talk to you about adopting your baby. we promise to give it a loving and nurturing home and to meet your needs in reguards to updates visits anything that makes you more comfortable. email me at

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