looking for a boyfriend for a 10 year old girl

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i am a 10 year old girl and i need help getting a boyfriend

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  1. Guest28420942

     You Guys are way too going wait a couple of years at least,finish your studies. (P.s. it's not that you guys need a boyfriend or a girlfriend you guys probably just want one to seem cool) Anyways 10 years old is young it's probably only gonna a seem like you guys are only friends.

  2. Guest28282364

     I'm 10 and I need a girlfriend please call me  410 552 0233



  3. Guest28270593
    I am looking for a girlfriend
  4. Guest28086223

     im a 10 year old girl email me at cuties

  5. Guest27880724

     im 10 and my email is my name is zoey adams im on facebook


  6. Guest27624693

     Call me 781 604  2845

  7. Guest23213258

    Im 10 email:

  8. Guest22725213

     im ten my email is my name is Scott volland and im on facebook

  9. Guest22564910

    Im 10


  10. Tor Olav
    im 11. e-mail me: ;P
  11. Guest21380421
    wayy too young

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