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I saw a movie in 1964, it was a roaring 20s comedy with college students guys wearing racoon coats, and girls wearing Charlton dresses. One girl in particular was wearing long johns (snuggies) which was always falling. There was a prom and everyone was dancing and a pool opened and everyone fell in. It was funny. I wish I knew the name. I think Jeanne Graig and the man that plays father of the bride was in it. Please help.

Thank you.

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  1. John


    Thanks for writing. Before I continue on this - the scene you are describing is a scene in \"It is A Wonderful Life\" - are you sure that is not it?

    It is a Wonderful Life was made in the year 1946. It was an outstanding comedy/drama film which was produced and directed by Frank Capra. It is a Wonderful Life was based on the short story "The Greatest Gift" written by Philip Van Doren Stern. Overall the movie was a box office flop.

    It starred James Stewart and Donna Reed. I do not know who you mean by Jeanne Graig - do you perhaps mean Jeanne Crain?

    Thanks for any information so I can research this for you further. Let me know if you have anything to share with me, which ultimately help me out to gather more data for you.

    I guess you got the answer now, if not then do write to me again. I will try to solve your query.

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