local,and,national,examples of primary sector businesses

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  1. Guest27877228

     what is a tertiary local examples of business?


  2. Mitchel

     The primary sector of an economy consists of the businesses that maintain processes that rely on the use of natural resources and their conversion into primary products which are most commonly known as in the form of raw materials for other industries. Agriculture, fishing, foresting, mining and agribusiness are all considered to be major primary sector businesses. The process of taking natural resources and turning them into product usually means that the raw item at hand must be manufactured to be considered suitable for sale. 

  3. Guest22873583

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  4. Guest22783547

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  5. Guest22663209

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  6. Guest22625397

    hi can i have some primary examples for national and local business :) 

  7. Guest22544263

    pen island type it on google

  8. Guest21716443

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  9. Guest21642474

    Hello, some examples are suliman ahmeds jupolly sh*t crew for primary and suliman ahmeds hippy crew for secondary

  10. Guest21642474

    some examples are grooty b ooty boo (fish indstry) AND jubbys toidi ( seciondary manafacture) google them if ur unsure

  11. Guest21617218

    hi i need some examples of primary sectors in local and national

  12. Guest21103984
    what is a secondary local exampls
  13. Guest21103984
    what is a primary local exampls

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