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loan seekers

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  1. Guest28427564


    We have provided over $1 Billion in business loans to over 20,000 business owners just like you. We use our own designated risk technology to provide you with the right business loan so you can grow your business. Our services are fast and reliable, loans are approved within 24 hours of successful application. We offer loans from a minimum range of $5,000 to a maximum of $900 million. (

    Do you need a legit, honest, reputable and quick loan?? I can help you with 100% guarantee loan Are you a business man or woman? Are you in any financial stress? Or do you need money to start your own business? we offer financial freedom to serious clients our mission is to help the less financial privileges get back on track Our program is the quickest way to get what you need in a snap. Reduce your payments to ease the strain on your monthly expenses. we offer loans to individual and public sector that are in need of financial Assistance in a low interest rate of 2%. Bad credit acceptable,The Terms and Conditions are very simple and considerate.You will never regret anything in this loan transaction because we will make you smile through out this loan transaction Email: (

    Our services include the following:

    *Truck Loans
    * Personal Loans
    * Debt consolidation loans
    * Car Loans
    * Business Loans
    * Education Loans
    * Mortgage
    *Refinancing Loans
    * Home Loans

    Yours Sincerely,
    Dr. Maverick Leonidas
    +1 (424)704-8035

  2. Guest28416001


    Do you seek funds to pay off credits and debts? Do you find yourself in a bit of trouble with unpaid bills and don’t know which way to go or where to turn? What about finding a reputable Debt Consolidation firm that can assist you in reducing monthly installment so that you will have affordable repayment options as well as room to breathe when it comes to the end of the month and bills need to get paid? Dr. Ezra Sebastian Loan Home is the answer. Reduce your payments to ease the strain on your monthly expenses. Email (

    DO YOU NEED 100% FINANCE? we give out loans with an affordable interest rate of 2%
    EZRA SEBASTIAN LOAN HOME, ( aims is to provide Excellent Professional Financial Services.

    Please, contact us for more information: (

    Our services include the following:

    * Personal Loans
    * Debt consolidation loans
    * Car Loans
    * Business Loans
    * Education Loans
    * Mortgage
    *Refinancing Loans
    * Home Loans
    *Start-up- working capital loans
    *Hotel loans*Student loans
    *Construction loans

    We give you loan with a low interest rate of 2% and loan duration of 1 to 30 years to pay back the loan (secure and unsecured). Do not keep your financial problems to yourself in order for you not to be debt master or financial stress up, which is why you must contact us quickly for a solution to your financial problems. It will be a great joy to us when you are financially stable. Email (

    NOTE:Bear in mind that it will only take less than 48 Hours to process your file is 100% Guaranteed no matter your Credit Score.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Dr. Ezra Sebastian

    We look forward to hear from you ASAP

  3. Guest28413573


    Are you a business man or woman? Are you in any financial stress? Or do you
    need money to start your own business? we offer financial freedom to serious
    clients our mission is to help the less financial privileges get back on track
    Our program is the quickest way to get what you need in a snap. Reduce your
    payments to ease the strain on your monthly expenses. Gain flexibility with which
    you can use for any purpose – from vacations, to education, to unique purchases

    Do you have a low credit score, and you will find it difficult to get loans
    from local banks and other financial institutions? solution to your
    financial problem is Dr. Carson Grant The Terms and Conditions are very simple
    and considerate.You will never regret any thing in this loan transaction because i will
    make you smile through out this transaction, because you where not born to be a loser

    Email ( or (

    Our services include the following:

    * Personal Loans
    * Debt consolidation loans
    * Possibility
    * Business Loans
    * Education Loans
    * Mortgage
    *Refinancing Loans
    * Home Loans

    We offer loans at 2% interest rate

    NOTE: You are required to email us on:( or ( Website:

  4. Guest28402926

    Hello, Do you need an urgent loan to clear your debts or you need a capital loan to improve your business? have you been rejected by banks and other financial agencies? Do you need a consolidation loan or a mortgage? search no more as we are here to make all your financial problems a thing of the past. This is pastor peter loan company. we offer loans to those that are interested at an affordable interest rate of 3%. Amount range from $5,000.00 Dollars to a maximum of $100,000,000.00 Dollars.Our loans are well insured as maximum security is our priority. INVESTORS ARE ALSO NEEDED. Contact us via email:


  5. Guest28361144

    Dear Valued Loan Applicant ,

    Are you financially down? Do you need a loan to start up business of
    pay off bills? we offer all kinds of financial assistance to every
    "Business loan and personal loan, for investment,debt consolidation
    and house purchase etc." we will be willing to offer you the loan.
    Offer is
    affordable at an interest rate of 3%;this Funding program allows a
    client to enjoy low interest payback for as low as 3% per annum for a
    of 1 months - 30 years. We can approve a loan/funding for a minimum of
    3,000.00 up to 100,000,000.00 dollars/euros/pounds /ZAR IDR or more
    depending on the nature of business. but before we can proceed with
    the loan, you have to fill the loan application form below to enable
    calculate for you the repayment schedule. Ensure you contact us with
    this email:

    HOW TO APPLY? Fill out the form below :
    * Full Name: ..................
    * Telephone No :.................
    * Mobile No: .................
    * Address: ................
    * City: ............
    * Country: .......................
    * Fax: ...................
    * Monthly Income: .................
    * Age: .................
    * Have you applied before ?:..............
    * Loan Amount Needed: ..............
    * Loan Duration: ............
    * Purpose of loan: ................

    Thanks for your patronage Contact person: George David
    Best RegardingAA
    Quick Reply

  6. Guest28261235


    Hello Every One, I am Mrs Mercy Sheeler , I want to use this medium to share a testimony on how i got a Legit loan lender online where i got my loan and i have also introduce friends and family to him who have gotten their loan also and can testify to that. After so many months of trying to get a loan online and was scammed the sum of $7,200 i became so desperate in getting a loan from a legit loan lender online who will not add to my pains, then i decided to contact a friend of mine who recently got a loan online, we discussed about the issue and to our conclusion she told me about Mr DAVID SMITH Loan Company where she got her loan also So i applied for a loan sum of (85,000.00USD) with low interest rate of 2%, the loan was approved easily without stress and all the preparations where made concerning the loan transfer and in less than two(3) days the loan was deposited into my bank so i want to advice any one in need of guarantee loan to contact him via email:, he is a nice and God fearing man and also he is kind hearten thanks, Mr David . ..

  7. Guest28158980
    Have you got a solvent Project which would require an official Investment?? - would you like to require for a Project Loan -or for a Re-financing of your previous Loan ??- then please contact : Global Project Advice in Amsterdam-The Netherlands- E-Mail : and ask for the Parameters/Loan Requirement Letter of Information. Interest Rate at the Moment is 1.75% and will always be fixed for the entire Loan Period and repayable annually in arrears until Maturity of the Loan.
  8. Guest28155239

    Do you need a financial help ???
    My name is Mr dannie spencer we are money loan lender of financial help
    company ltd at 2% Interest Rate, if you need an urgent loan do contact
    with the
    Full Name:
    Telephone No:
    Home Address:
    Fax Number:
    Monthly Income:
    Do You Have An Account? :
    Have You Applied Before? :
    Loan Amount Needed :
    Loan Duration :
    Purpose of Loan :
    any kind of financial help feel free to reply us okay
    Contact us through this email waiting for
    your urgent respond soon thank you....

  9. Guest28133141


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a registered private money lender Apply for a quick and convenient loan to pay off bills and to start a
    new financing your projects at a cheapest interest rate of 3%. Do
    contact us today with loan amount
    needed as our minimum loan offer is 1,000.00 to
    any choice of loan amount.I am
    certified ,registered and legit lender.You can
    contact me today if you are interested in getting
    this loan, contact me for more information about
    the loan process, process like the loan terms and
    conditions and how the loan will be transferred to
    you. I need your urgent response if you are



    Mr Adames willfred

  10. Guest28116323

     Good day,

    I cannot hide this great testimony that took place in my life. I will love everyone to know about it and become a partaker that is why i am placing this message online. I am Mrs Alison Woods. I live in Moscow, Russia. I want to thank Mrs.(Gina Phillips) for her kindness upon my family and business.

    I never knew there is still a nice lender like this on earth and here on the internet. Just some months back, I was in search for a loan of $200,000 usd as i was running out of money for feeding and my bills including my rent overdue. I was scammed about $5,000 usd and i decided not to involve myself in such business again but a friend of mine introduced me to a loan firm due to my situations and appearance at that moment.

    First, I told her that I am not interested in any loan deal anymore but she told me that there is still a nice lender who she will recommend me to. I made a trial and today, I am most grateful to this great company (Global Edge Finance Group) managed by Mrs. Gina Phillips who finally gave me a loan of $200,000 usd. If you are in need of a genuine or legit loan or financial assistance and you can be reliable, trusted and capable of paying back the loan at the due time, I will advise you to contact him via:
    and you will be free from scam in the internet because he is a God fearing man.

    My lovely husband extends his greetings to the world. If not for Mr. James Carey, I cannot imagine the way life would have been for me and my family today. Please I am begging you to help me thank Mr. James Carey for his good works and I will always share this great thing that happened in my life with everyone because he is the person that removed my family out of poverty.

    Please kindly alert everyone in need of a loan to be informed about the good works of Mrs. Gina Phillips.
    My family extends their greetings to you.
    Warm Regards,
    Mrs. Alison Woods.

  11. kongshiw


    Hello, everybody, the good shoping place, the new season approaching, click in.
    Believe you will love it. 
    The price is competitive.
    We accept any form of payment. 
    ★★☆★☆★☆★☆★( )
  12. Guest28097152

     This is an online advert from a government approved and certified lending company. Do you need a loan to pay off your bills, purchase a home, loan to expand your business, loan for investment? We offer personal loans to individuals, companies, businessmen and women.

    To apply and get a loan today, kindly contact us now via our official email address below for more info. Thanks.
    Advertising Manager.
  13. Guest28093828

    Dear Borrower, in the event that you would be needing a Loan to be invested into your Project -(either an existing Project, or a new established one)- then please contact : Global Project Advice - in Amsterdam-The Netherlands. Global Project Advice is a Trust Office closely working together with a Consortium of three World Prime Banks -(two European Prime Banks and  one Prime Bank in the Middle East)- Our Company can let Project Loans be procured at these Banks- however, only in the event that any particular Borrower would be able to provide a solvent and genuine Project, based on and linked to well prepared Documentation to be verified and approved by that particular Bank which will be  handling Borrower's Loan Transaction. In this we refer to that particular Documentation, such as; a well prepared Business Plan- or a Feasibility Study- and Balance Sheets issued over  the past three years. Borrowers who have faced a bankruptcy in the past seven years should not bother to send a Loan Application due to the fact that none of the three Baks belonging to our Consortium shall find itself to be willing to proceed with a Project Loan Transaction, linked to a  Project which has faced a bankruptcy..

    Further Info can be provided by our Loan Division and in the event that you would like to obtain our Parameters, or the so called Loan Requirement Letter of Information then please send your Details to our Company , through Fax Transmission: 00-31-20-419 20 95 - or -  through E-Mail :



  14. Guest27919086

    A variety of international loans available for borrowers throughout the whole world.

    Loans can be  made available from the amount of Euros- € 5 million - up to - € 50 million -(or any amounts required in any other hard currency) to be invested into various  Projects all over the world. ( except for  Projects located in countries in turmoil)-

    For more information please contact: Global Project Advice

    E-Mail -:

    Fax:- + 31-20- 4192095


  15. Guest27858539

    are you busy with the development  of a project which requires a financial investment of an amount up to a magnitude  of 50 million us-dollars, or to the same  maginitude in any other hard currency?? then contact our  Trustee Office : Global Project Advice - in Amsterdam / The Netherlands.

    FAX: 00- 31- 20 - 419 20 95  - or through E-Mail - : 

  16. Guest27796620

    Do you need 100% Finance? I can Give you financial solution with less payback Percent that is why we fund you for just 3%. Whatever your circumstances, self employed, retired, have a poor credit rating, we could help. Flexible repayment over 2 to 20 years.Contact us at:

    1. Full Names:.............................
    2. Contact Address:.......................
    3. Loan Amount Needed:....................
    4. Duration of the Loan....................
    5. Direct Telephone Number:.................
    6. Country:...............

    Note : We Attend To serious Clients.
    Warmest Regards

  17. Guest27634711

    Global Project Advice  is a company located in Amsterdam-The Netherlands and which is fully able, ready and willing to give you every assistance in letting Project Loans of every nature- Mortgage Loans- and Re-financing Loans be procured at its Lending Sources . Term of Loans has been set at 10-12-15 and 20 years. The interest-rate has been set at 2.78% (fixed for the entire loan period) and must be repaid per annum- in arrears - until maturity of the Loan.E-Mail address: Fax: 00-31-20- 419 20 95

  18. leechang

    Is the difficulty of the economy affecting you this year, is your bank refuses to give you a loan? If your answer is yes, then you need a loan. I'm Mr Lee Chang, the owner of a lending company We offer safe and secure loans at an interest rate of 3%.

    * Are you financially squeezed?
    * Do you seek funds to pay off credits and debts?
    * Do you seek finance to set up your own business?
    * Are you in need of private or business loans for various purposes?
    * Do you seek loans to carry out large projects?

    If you have any of the above problems, we can be of assistance to you but I want you to understand that we give out loans at the interest rate of 3%.

    * Borrow anything up to $90,000,000 USD.
    * Choose between 1 to 20 years to repay.
    * Choose between Monthly and Annual repayments Plan.
    * Flexible Loan Terms.
    Please if you are interested check back with us through this email

    We promise a 100% guarantee that you will receive your loan at the end of this loan transaction.There is no security check, no credit check

    Lee Chang

  19. Guest22806869

    Hello I am Dan Water  by name, the M D of Dan Water Loans Venture , i am a Reputable, Legitimate & an accredited money Lender.I give out loans to individuals and companies in need of financial assistance.Do you have a bad credit or are you in need of money to pay bills? You can use this medium to solve all your problems as i render reliable beneficiary assistance and will be glad to offer you a loan at low interest rate. Services Rendered include: *Refinance* Home Improvement *Inventor Loans*Auto Loans *Debt Consolidation *Horse Loans * Line of Credit *Second Mortgage *Business Loans * Personal Loans *International Loans, Please write back if interested. Upon Response, you'll be mailed a Loan application form to fill. (No social security and no credit check, 100% Guaranteed!) I Look forward permitting me to be of service to you. You reach us via e-mail: 

  20. Guest22613988

    Hello I am Dan Water by name, the M D of Dan Water Loans Venture , i am a Reputable, Legitimate & an accredited money Lender.I give out loans to individuals and companies in need of financial assistance.Do you have a bad credit or are you in need of money to pay bills? You can use this medium to solve all your problems as i render reliable beneficiary assistance and will be glad to offer you a loan at low interest rate. Services Rendered include: *Refinance* Home Improvement *Inventor Loans*Auto Loans *Debt Consolidation *Horse Loans * Line of Credit *Second Mortgage *Business Loans * Personal Loans *International Loans, Please write back if interested. Upon Response, you'll be mailed a Loan application form to fill. (No social security and no credit check, 100% Guaranteed!) I Look forward permitting me to be of service to you. You reach us via

  21. Guest22586379


    Are you in search of a reputable lender, tired of being turned down by Banks and Mortgage? Are you tired seeking Funds to finance your Business, or are you financially embarrassed that you cannot pay up your Debts and Bills? Do you think of getting a Financial Help? Then hurry now and grab your Guaranteed and Unsecured Loan today.

    We give out the best services ever to all our customers, and we are working towards and beyond our customers reach and expectations, as we render out all kinds of Loans to Loan seekers, Individuals, Corporate Organizations and Companies etc.

    Our Loan range from 1,000.00usd to 10,000,000.00USD.

    If you are looking for a LOAN then do write us soonest.

    Tel: +44-704-578-1279
    Fax: +44-702-409-2352

    Just fill this little form and send to the above email.


    Loan Amount:.........................................

    Expected Repayment Duration:.........................

    Country of Residence:................................


    Purpose of Loan:.....................................

    Thanks for your interest

    Mr. Warren Cole
    Tel: +44-704-578-1279
    Fax: +44-702-409-2352

  22. Guest22574225

    I'm Mr. Greg Moore. A reputable, legitimate & accredited lender. We give out loan of all kinds in a very fast and easy way, Personal Loan, Car Loan, Home Loan, Student Loan, Business Loan, Inventor loan, Debt Consolidation. etc.
    Get approved for a business or personal loans today and get funds within same week of application.
    These personal loans can be approved regardless of your credit and there are lots of happy

    customers to back up this claim.

    But you won’t only get the personal loan you need; you will get the cheapest one. This is

    our promise: We guarantee The lowest rate for all loans with free collateral benefits.
    We strive to leave a positive lasting impression by exceeding the expectations of my customers in everything I do. Our goal is to treat you with dignity and respect while providing the highest quality service in a timely manner.No social security Number required and no credit check required, 100% Guaranteed.

    Mr. Greg Moore.
    Greg Moore Financials Incorporation © 2011
    Contact directly on email:

    Loan Offer, (100% Guaranteed)

  23. Guest22546908

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Getting a legitimate loan have always been a huge problem To clients who have financial needs. The issue of credit and collateral are something that clients are always worried about when seeking a loan from a legitimate lender. But WILLIAM LOAN FINANCE PROJECT. has made that difference in the lending industry.

    WILLIAM LOAN FINANCE PROJECT. has been accredited by the lender's council to give out loans to local and international clients at 2.5% rate . We have been given the privilege to meet your financial needs. The issue of credit shouldn't stop you from getting the loan that you need. Our Services Include the Following:-

    *Investors Loans
    *Debt Consolidation
    *Second Mortgage
    *Business Loans
    *Personal Loans
    *International Loans

    No social security and no credit check, 100% Guarantee. All you have to do is let us know exactly what you want and we will surely make your dream come true. WILLIAM LOAN FINANCE PROJECT. says YES when your banks say NO. Lastly, we fund small scale loan firm, intermediaries, small scale financial institutions for we have unlimited

  24. Guest22534458

    Do you need assistance financially? Contact us (Melvin Finance Loan Firm) today and get assisted this new year. We give out all varieties of loan like personal loan, Business loan, and Consolidation loan and so on at a low interest rate of 5% to both individuals and cooperate bodies that need Loan for Different and various purposes. The Offer loan ranges from $5,000 to $500,000,000.This stated loan can get to you where ever you are.

    It can be transferred to you via Bank to bank Transfer, Certified Check, western union, online banking system. Depending on your choice.

    If interested simply get back to us with the following information for our record and your loan processing.



  25. Guest22499641


    Are you a business man or woman? Are you in Financial Any stress or do you Need funds to start up your own business? Do You Need to settle your Debt loan or pay off your bills or start a nice business? Do you have a low credit score and you are Finding It Hard To obtain a loan from local banks and Other Financial institutes? Do you need a loan or for Any Reason Funding Such as:

    a) Personal Loan, Business Expansion.
    b) Business Start-up and Education.
    c) Debt Consolidation.

    We offer loan at low Interest rate and with not credit check, we offer Personal loan, debt consolidation loan, venture capital, business loan, Education Loan, home loan OR "loan for any reason!." Note: Any interested Applicants should get back to us by email for further information on Our loan program. Name: Mr. *Williams Henry* Email: **

    Thanks for your understanding to your contact as we Await.

  26. Guest22486400

    We need a good business to invest funds into, preferably real estate. if you are interested contact via email:
    I await your swift response.'

    Best regards.


  27. Guest22474601

    Are you a business man or woman? Are you having financial distress or you want
    to fulfill that dream of yours and you need fund? Are you having difficulties
    in obtaining a loan from hard lenders or banks because of their high loan
    fees/requirements? Do you need a loan for any legitimate reason?
    Then worry no more as the "PETE WILSON LOAN COMPANY" has come to
    offer loans to interested applicants both locally and overseas no matter the s*x or location
    but age must be 18 years and above. We offer loans ranging from $1,000
    -$100,000,000.00 on a fixed 3% interest rate annually,we offer personal loans,
    debt consolidation loans, venture capital, business loans, student loans,home
    loans or loans for any legitimate reason.
    For further inquires and to apply for a loan from us, please feel free to
    contact our application desk via this

    Mr.Jack Bray
    (Online Advertiser)

  28. Guest22424894

    This is to notify all viewers of this forum that the NPA LOANS LTD has an significant roll to plan in establishing your company Financial capacity, which is an important factor that must never by down looked in a company image.

    We provide loan for Business owners only, the name of our loan agency is NPA LOANS LTD.
    We assist falling Business to help them up again.

    The details that will be needed from the business owner, for a successful loan approval is the below following.

    1.) Company registration
    2.) Prove of Personality such as international Passport
    3.) Prove of residential Address

    Be informed that the entire above mentioned certificate will be confirmed by your country embassy.

    We offer urge Loans Capital, raging from $500.000USDollars to a maximum of $2.000.000 US Dollars.

    Please don’t contact us if you are not qualified with the above stranded!!!
    For more details contact email:
    Contact Person: Mrs. ANNA MAPCO

    The possibility of getting a Loan with the NPA LOANS LTD is based on approval, which will be after submission of application, and be informed that the taken loan would have to be paid back with a period of 4 years, at interest of 25%, deteriorating to comply with the dead-line pay-back period of time, will direct your company name to a black list.

    The NPA LOANS LTD, is empowered by the Bank of Mozambique, unclaimed dividend worth over 1.4 Billion USD.

    The NPA LOANS LTD is a list of share holders, with the Bank of Mozambique.

    Be informed, that Mozambique as a country has no history of scam activities, such information you can confirm, as well be verified from Google on line verification.

    Our Motto :We empower your company financial image.


  29. Guest22007295

    Good day dear Friend, I 'm Angela Manson from U.S.A I manage to get to you by your advert on the site, so I really feel concern about your present condition.I want you to know that it is not easy for a person with bad credit and who have no job to get loan as compared to does who have good credit rating and who is employed. But do not let this discourage you with the thinking that you may not be able to avail personal loans, for people with bad credit. Your application might be refused by financial institutions, private loan lenders and other loan lender a few times but with persistent effort, you can finally find one company who can offer you money even with the poor credit rating.

    I saw your request on how you can get a loan, The only help i can give to you it to refer you to the international loan company that help me secure a loan just two week ago,when i was searching for loan and i was in a bad shape and a friend of mine introduce me to WISE TRUST FINANCIAL HOME that helped her.
    The company offer all kinds of loan to any where in the world and even if you have a bad credit and low income they still offer loan, they are the only international loan company that can help you get a quality loan with a fast transfer without any upfront fees.Contact them and I am sure they will be of great help to you within 24hours. But provide you can be trusted and reliable to pay back at due time. I wish you the best of luck.
    E-mail Address:

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