list problem on m&s speaker system

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list problem on m&s speaker system

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  1. Muhammad Uzair
    There is a power button located on the unit.check out if that power button is properly pressed and not got stuck up.and also check out if that power button is not got damaged/loose.if it is then the power button internal connection to the units circuit board is the problem .the power button circuit connection internally needs soldering. but if the power button is properly seated and nothing looks improper there.then its the problem of power circuit board got short/faulty in the unit.that board needs to be checked then replaced or repaired.most probably there is fuse on the power board that goes short so the power does not comes on.and the fuse is not much costly.still the board needs to be checked if the fuse is not blown any other component is faulty on the board.the unit needs to be disassemble to reach the circuit board and then the board needs to be checked with multimeter and continuity tester to locate the faulty component on the main board. you can get the required board and components at ----- ---- --------- if you are not familiar with doing this you can get it done by local electronics repair technician familiar with this model.

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